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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 11

Push poll distorts facts

Despite denials, it turns out Dave Dotterrer is in fact benefiting from some very negative campaigning. Guess those folks didn't receive the same phone call that I did.

What my caller initially said was a “research poll” was actually a “push poll.” The numerous “questions” consisted of purposely misleading, cynically lifted-out-of-context statements about Bates’ voting record. Of course Bates’ actual record is fair game! But, come on, don’t distort it into what’s just a big, ugly fib.

Benjamin Franklin’s been quoted: “Half the truth can be a very big lie.” This anti-Bates “poll” doesn't make it even close to half-way to the truth: Dotterrer’s anonymous, well-funded, up-state supporters’ “poll” asserts things that are unrecognizable as fact. Among its bogus claims, that Bates doesn't support Oregon’s land-use laws. His record says the opposite.

This “poll” assumes us to be stupid and treats us that way. Meanwhile, Oregon’s GOP is so addicted to sprawl-loving developers’ money that a main GOP goal has long been to gut those laws. What to call someone who promised us no negative campaigning, but allows this travesty of a “poll” while claiming “no involvement” (wink, wink) in it? Maybe we should call him “Colonel”?

Jeff LaLande, Ashland

Voting for Dotterrer

Today’s political double talk has left me very frustrated and an almost helpless feeling. I am watching the complete destruction of the United States I grew up in, America and the American dream along with it. The Democrats have had their chance, but they only seem interested in their own political views and power. When are we going to get politicians who do what is best for our country, not the party?

I have found such a candidate in Col. Dave Dotterer, the Republican candidate for state Senate. I have heard him speak several times answering questions as to what is broken in Oregon politics and how to help Southern Oregon get back on track. His experience in state finances qualifies him to see where our money is being wisely used or grossly abused. Each time he speaks, he makes the most complex issues understandable. I am giving Dave my vote.

D. Ping, Ashland

The difference is clear

In addition to Colleen Roberts’ severely fact-challenged interpretations of the Constitution that she claims to venerate, she toots her horn as a rural resident. Fact is, her opponent, Kevin Talbert, is also a rural resident, one who grew up milking cows and shoveling manure (experience that, um, comes in handy dealing with an opponent’s statements).

Both candidates supported the recent GMO-restriction measure; but Kevin put in hours helping lead the successful campaign to save 4H and our other County Extension programs. Colleen, in contrast, was the only person to speak before the county commissioners against putting that measure to a vote and letting the citizens decide.

Colleen also supports a landowner who flagrantly defied water-rights rules by storing immense amounts of run-off in new ponds. Any farmer dependent on irrigation knows that fellow’s actions aren’t only against those rules, but they’re a sure way to destroy Oregon’s long-proven water-rights system.

Ed Polish, Ashland

Vote for Dotterrer

I just wanted to share that I support David Dotterrer 110 percent with no doubts. He is running for our Oregon State Senate.

He is a man of integrity and has wisdom on how to improve our community issues. He has a heart for our families and communities. He may have knocked on your door to meet you because he truly cares, and knows he can handle the job with excellence.

It is time for a positive change. In the next few days, we will be receiving our ballots. Please take a moment and vote. Vote for Col. David Dotterrer. Let's not miss this opportunity to elect a man who will put his all into the job and will prove to be a great leader who works to support us, and to support what will benefit the families that live in Jackson County.

We are fellow Americans who need those to represent us that we can trust. Put your trust into voting for Dave Dotterrer to represent all of us with a healthy representation and hopeful vision for the future.

Illis Casteel, Ashland

Dyer knows budgets

Just looking around at neighboring counties, those of us in Jackson County are reminded of what can happen, financially, if our leaders aren’t careful. Our past county commissioners have done a good job protecting our financial future. Rick Dyer (running for Jackson County commissioner, position 1) will continue that excellent financial stewardship.

He has a degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting and also holds a law degree. He’s been responsible for large budgets for big Rogue Valley automobile dealerships. Most recently, he’s run his own energy/construction business, and knows the importance of sticking to a budget.

He knows how hard the citizens of Jackson County work to pay their taxes and will be mindful of that when making tough budgetary decisions. If you want Jackson County to continue to enjoy a healthy budget, join me in voting for Rick Dyer for county commissioner on Nov. 4.

Ron Galbreath, Medford