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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 21

Congrats to Tidings

In June we were invited by the Ashland Daily Tidings to be part of a focus group regarding the ongoing fate of the newspaper. They were really concerned about it surviving as a daily paper, and wanted input from the public.

The publisher and editor were there, and they were very open to suggestions made regarding the ongoing success of the paper. They were hiring an editor just for the Ashland Daily Tidings, and really listened to our suggestions, i.e., more local news and a change of format.

The present paper reflects the changes we talked about, and I think they have created a very readable, interesting paper. Congratulations to the whole team, and especially to our new editor.

Rosemary Maitland and David Valdick, Ashland

What are they hiding?

About Measure 92: Obviously, agribusiness doesn't want us to know when we have GMOs in our food. They are spending millions to hide that, with the Farm Bureau leadership and grocery manufacturers as their mouthpieces. That isn't all they don't want us to know.

Because they own patents, they can legally control permission, materials, processes, publication and publicity, effectively quashing opposing research and information. That didn't stop some very valid studies that strongly indicate health problems. Then, the scientist is trashed. Ask Arpad Pusztai. The industry has been so effective that even labeling supporters don't know about much of the evidence.

The industry doesn't want us to know the facts about GMO toxicity.

Ira Edwards, Medford

Thanks to Miller

Due to some recent graffiti having been painted on our flag storage building, a new coat of paint is needed. Flags subscribed to by businesses and others are placed throughout Ashland on federal Holidays. The flags are stored in this building when they are not being used.

Thanks to the generosity of the Miller Paint Company and in particular Chris Muck, they have provided, at a very nominal cost, enough paint for us to complete the painting .

A big thank you goes to Chris and everyone at Miller Paint.

Ron Parker, Kiwanis Club, Ashland

Look no further

Sharon Johnson (Oct. 5) could have saved herself a lot of trouble in her search for "age-friendly" housing. All she had to do was visit Ashland's Mountain Meadows community, where she would have found 225 homes with no-step entry, levered door handles, single floor plans, raised electric outlets and a host of similar features offered in a huge variety of condos, duplexes, apartments and single-family houses.

No need to hire a builder, Sharon, you can own your own home at Mountain Meadows, so you can have all those "age-friendly innovations" without having to take on corporate Big Brother as managing partner in your aging process. As innovations go, that one tops the list. We own it. We run it. We love it!

Galen Schelb, Ashland

Mailers are disgusting

Thank you so much for your excellent editorial in favor of Alan Bates. In my 10 years here, I've never seen such disgusting mailers as Dotterer's. They're virtually pornographic. How low can he go? I hope we don't have to find out much longer.

 Julia Sommer, Ashland

Vote for Talbert, Moro

Kevin Talbert running for county commissioner, position 3, as an Independent is the endorsed candidate of the Jackson County Democrats.

Through a few write-ins for the Democratic seat, which was empty during the primary election, his opponent will appear as both the Republican and Democratic candidate. Don’t be confused: Kevin Talbert is the Democratic choice. His experience with administration and large budgets and his ability to work with people to accomplish realistic goals makes him the most qualified for the job.

Tonia Moro, running for county commissioner position 1, is also a well-qualified candidate. She is lawyer who has worked with many of the small towns in Jackson County and has a great understanding of how the county works.

With Kevin Talbert and Tonia Moro at the helm, Jackson County will be in competent


Jan Waitt, Ashland