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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 23


Editor's note: Letters regarding the election will be published up to the election day, but in order to ensure processing time, we cannot guarantee that those received in the final few days before the Nov. 4 vote will be published. Election-related letters should not exceed 200 words. Longer guest opinions of up to 600 words will be accepted for ballot measures, but not for candidate races.

Walden's death policy

I recently received a letter from Congressman Greg Walden, touting his efforts to fight a ban on types of ammunition or fishing tackle that contains lead.

Each year an estimated 10 to 20 million birds and other animals die a slow and agonizing death from lead poisoning, after ingesting lead shot or fragments, or feeding on lead contaminated prey. There are readily available alternatives for lead ammunition. We've removed lead from gasoline, now we should do it for ammunition for the same reason.

Congressman Walden believes it is our constitutional, Second Amendment right to continue to condemn wildlife to death by lead poisoning. The state of California banned its sale in 2013 to protect their eagles, hawks, waterfowl, condors and other scavengers from lead poisoning. This is another reason to vote for Aelea Christofferson for U.S. representative, 2nd District.

William Meyer, Medford

Lucky to have Bates

How fortunate we are to have a senator like Alan Bates who deals with and understands issues of import to the citizens of our state and region. His seniority and thoughtful regard to other members of the Legislature provide added weight to his advocacy of our area. Let us vote to send him back for another term in order to continue his fine and intelligent contributions for the benefit of us all.

Ruth Schifferle, Ashland

Reject open primary

A true open primary system is one in which citizens can vote in any one primary, regardless of party. This gives voters more choices while ensuring that each party has its voice heard.

What we have on our ballot is instead a mixed primary system, where every party shares a primary and only two candidates move to the final vote. This system lowers voter choice and silences parties.

Mixed primaries are bad for voters and bad for democracy. Vote no on this "open primary" Trojan horse.

Dan LaLande, Ashland

Don't roof the theater

I heard a rumor that some of the powers that be of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival are toying with the idea of putting a roof on the Elizabethan Theatre and creating a "groundlings" area like London's Globe Theatre has.

I think that would be a big mistake. The open air experience is unique and pleasant. The walls provide plenty of insulation from wind and noise. And the show is rarely closed due to weather or smoke.

In addition, adding a groundlings area might take away seats that are often sold out anyway. Is there really a big demand for tickets to sit on the ground at the Elizabethan?

The theater is fine as it is.

Jim Flint, Ashland

Vote for Alan Bates

Dave Dotterrer, campaigning for state senator, seems like a puppet; he resembles pre-conscience Pinocchio. He seemingly allows himself to be manipulated by his big-money outsiders spending millions on countless multi-media promotions misrepresenting facts. Perhaps following orders from above is his career reflex mode of operation.

If, however, this shameless spurious mode of communication is Dotterrer's own creation, then he is equally unsuited for high public office. He cites the Ashland Planning Commission as past civic service; there, his tenure overlapped mine. I remember his contribution being without commitment, without distinction. In general, his behavior shows reckless irresponsibility.

Vote for Alan Bates, a man capable of truly representing core interests as an Oregon state senator.

Marilyn Briggs, Ashland

Voting for Moro

I’m voting for Tonia Moro, candidate for Jackson County commissioner, position 1, because she has the most relevant experience, vision and temperament to address the wishes of all the citizens of Jackson County and because we need to move beyond the status quo to what the voters want and need in 2014.

Tonia Moro will bring high-tech, clean energy and specialty agriculture jobs to Jackson County for all the right reasons, like self-sufficiency. Meanwhile her main opponent doesn't believe 97 percent of climate scientists who've determined climate change is a serious, human-caused problem, and has declined to state his position regarding GMO crops — his perspective is too similar to destructive multinational corporations. Tonia respects the will of the voters, the best available science, and as a lawyer with government and land-use law experience is most capable of protecting and improving conditions for locals in Jackson County.

Johanna Harman, Talent

The problem with SOU

The problem with SOU is God is not allowed. The Bible says God is love. It does not say love is an aspect of God. It says God is love. And love is of God.

When God is banned, people don't feel loved. And they need to have guns to protect themselves from unloving people. We know that rape has gone rampant on campus.

Communism, being atheist, is a spiritual disease that spreads like cancer full of liars, deceivers and all manner of cold-hearted, hateful people. Once a person told me that he was atheist and didn't believe in God. But he did say he loved his wife, his kids, and his pets. And he loved his neighbors also. I told him that he was intellectually confused. He is not an atheist, but a man of God. And I referred him to 1 John 4:8 and 4:12 that says God is love. With Bible software, a search will find over 300 like verses. SOU needs to hire priests to come in and say prayers before things get out of hand.

David Terry, Ashland

Dotterrer has the skills

The biggest drawback to unseating an incumbent is often the loss of experience and institutional knowledge. There will be no such loss with Dotterrer. He will go to Salem with established relationships and the skills to successfully navigate the process.

James J. Klug, Ashland

Vote for Biome

Biome Erickson is the only candidate for Ashland City Council who intuits Zionism.

A vote for Erickson is a vote for peace and freedom.

A vote for Erickson is a vote for truth and beauty.

A vote for Erickson is a vote for love.

Aaron Corbet, Ashland