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Hot Stuff Espresso

Hot Stuff Espresso, 515 Clover Lane, on southeast corner of southern Ashland Interstate 5 interchange (Exit 14)

Owner: Connie Weise. Hours: 

7 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

This is obviously an espresso shack, serving the usual coffee drinks, and it obviously is a personal creation, not a chain. What’s going on here?We’re part of the GMO-free and organic scene here in Ashland, as fair-traded as possible. Our beans come from Cafe Mam in Eugene. Our organic donuts come from Gourmet Lunchbox here in Ashland. We’ve been here in the lot of this gas station for 11 years. We do all we can to support local busness. My employees, Nicia, Michelle and Emily have all been here seven or eight years.  

There’s a lot going on here. Can you describe it?We have outdoor seating. I grow all these potted plants and they’re for sale. All these carved rocks — I’ve carved them myself. I engrave them with a sand blaster and laser. All these minerals and crystals have been given to me by customers. I sell the knives, too.  

Tell us about yourself. I’m Native American, the Latgawa (upland Takelma) who lived around Table Rock and hundreds of miles in all directions. They wanted DNA testing so I did it and I’m about a fourth Native American. I’m from Trail. I’m a hunter and fisher. I’m 32 and graduated from Eagle Point High School. My husband, Jim, and I have a son, Parker. He has organic, free-range chickens and we sell their eggs here for $5 a dozen. Our chihuahua (a mascot of the coffee house) is named PeeWee. 

Do you like your work?Love the job, mainly because Ashland has the coolest people ever, so eclectic. I fit in here and if you fit in somewhere, you should get into it.