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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 24

Election Letters

Editor's note: Letters regarding the election will be published up to the election day, but in order to ensure processing time, we cannot guarantee that those received in the final few days before the Nov. 4 vote will be published. Election-related letters should not exceed 200 words. Longer guest opinions of up to 600 words will be accepted for ballot measures, but not for candidate races.

Don't be fooled

I have lived in Southern Oregon for 27 years. I know about Dennis Richardson. I have been watching him and cringing for a long time.

Do not be fooled by the rhetoric. Look at his voting record.

Is he the right fit for Oregon? Clearly not.

M. Scheffler, Central Point

If you eat, vote yes on 92

Measure 92 poses a simple question: Do you want the right to know what's in the food you eat? Yes or no?

Sixty-four countries, including 15 nations in the European Union, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Russia and even China, require mandatory GMO labeling. But the U.S. still has no laws requiring labeling of genetically engineered foods.

In an effort to keep you in the dark, Monsanto and other out-of-state chemical and processed food corporations have already poured more than $16 million into their campaign against Measure 92. This vote is about having the legal right to know what is in our food. The solution is simple: Just label it. Tell us if it is GMO or not. Then it's our decision.

If you eat food, know what's in it. Vote yes on 92.

Arlene Mueller, Ashland

Vote for Biome

Biome Michael Erickson, Ashland City Council Candidate for Position 4, is a taboo-breaker. Many people are afraid to speak of, or even think of, the true causes of this nation's manifest dysfunction. Biome, however, stands as a man in a barren desert offering water for the thirsty.

Is what he says comfortable? No, of course not. Is the truth always comfortable? No. How will we ever begin to reclaim this town, this nation, or the sense of dignity and sanity that America stands for if we continue to bury our heads and go silently along with the process of our own destruction?

Rebuilding our nation from the inside out is daunting, yet Biome is standing up against the methodical deceptions that define our lives. Biome, and people like him, are embodying the truth that would make us free.

Your vote matters. Vote for Biome Michael Erickson.

Randy Dolinger, Ashland

Vote Green but not Krueger 

Yesterday a citizen posted a letter encouraging folks to vote for a Pacific Green Party candidate in Senate District 3.

As a longtime member of the Green Party locally and nationally, I am encouraged by the ideas in the letter — third parties are important to a healthy democracy. However, in this particular race, the Pacific Green Party has had to distance itself from its candidate. Simply, the candidate could not file a simple form with the secretary of state. Vote Green values in this race, but not the Green candidate.

More important to this election is the "top-two" Measure 90 — a bad idea that is contrary to democracy and choice. The state of Washington passed a similar measure, and had the choice of two Republicans running for office.

Minor parties do not have an even playing field thanks to cleverly crafted legislation that keeps minors from getting traction. If you love the idea of democracy, vote no on Measure 90. Top two will further limit your choice.

Finally, please check other Pacific Green Party candidates and consider voting Green as this is one of the ways that minor parties maintain ballot access.

Suzia Aufderheide, Ashland