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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 27

Election Letters

Editor's note: Letters regarding the election will be published up to the election day, but in order to ensure processing time, we cannot guarantee that those received in the final few days before the Nov. 4 vote will be published. Election-related letters should not exceed 200 words. Longer guest opinions of up to 600 words will be accepted for ballot measures, but not for candidate races.

Thanks for food help

Fall in the Rogue Valley is the time to harvest our gardens, orchards and farms. We are truly blessed to live in an area where nature shares its bounty with us. Similarly, we are blessed to have neighbors who share their bounty with those in need. On Saturday, Oct. 11, as we have every other month for the past five years, volunteers from the Ashland Food Project took to the streets to pick up green bags filled with food and delivered 21,200 pounds to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank (AEFB). While this amount may seem significant, and it is, it will be gone in six weeks. On Dec. 13, we will once again ask our neighbors to donate food to the AEFB.

The Ashland Food Project is a completely volunteer organization. We rely on the generosity of our donors and community partners. Community partners, such as Shop'n Kart who sponsored the October pick-up, provide needed financial assistance. Shop'n Kart also supports the Food Project by allowing volunteers to set up information tables monthly in front of their store. We sincerely appreciate and thank Shop'n Kart and all of our community partners.

To our friends and neighbors who continue to support the Ashland Food Project and the Ashland Emergency Food Bank, we give our heartfelt thanks. It is through your kindness and giving we are able to help those in need.

If you are interested in joining this amazing project, please visit our website, www.ashlandfoodproject.com, and click on the “I’d like to be a Food Donor” button.

Gregg Gassman, Ashland Food Project Steering Committee

Vote makes a statement

The Ashland City Council at its last meeting voted unanimously in favor of a resolution asking the boards of LGIP and PERS to review and consider divestment from fossil fuels. The origin of this resolution was a grass roots effort by local citizens. Councilors Morris and Lemhouse pointed out that this act alone was not enough, more work is needed to reduce our carbon footprint. Councilor Marsh reminded all present that clean energy and climate change are goals that will be addressed by the city.

Reasons to divest include exerting pressure on companies and institutions to change the way they do business, reduction of an investor's exposure to a collapse of the carbon bubble, and providing investors opportunities to invest in multiple climate solutions and to invest according to their conscience and values.

Going fossil free is socially responsible financing. All generations are responsible for caring and using the Earth. We must not compromise future generations their ability to meet their needs. The policies and choices we make on energy, water, GHG emissions are models of business.

What bold steps will we together take to make a difference? Join Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (www.socan.info) to make your voice heard.

Louise Shawkat, Ashland

Vote for Seffinger

When I decided not to run for re-election, the first person I told after my wife was Stef Seffinger. I did so because I hoped she would run, and I am certain she will make a great City Council member.

Stef is highly intelligent, does her homework and is always ready to listen to all sides of an issue. She is kind and considerate, and yet has the strength of character to make difficult decisions for what is best for our community. I have worked with her on a number of items over the past four years and have always been impressed with what she brings to our robust community discussions. Stef is the kind of leader we need in our city government. I urge you to vote Stef to the City Council.

Dennis Slattery, Ashland

Courts need Peterson

As a parent, I’ve always wanted to impart to my children that their voice count; if they speak up for themselves, they’ll learn how to advocate for what they want in life.

This last summer, Judge Peterson proved this to be true. My son was 15 and was going to court to change his parental visitation. As a minor, we were told that judges may or may not have the minor testify on their own behalf. Not only did the judge prioritize my son’s testimony, but he gave him close to 40 minutes in court compared to the 10 minutes that the judge spent on the adult testimony.

My son left the courtroom feeling validated and listened to. The judge made his ruling based on what my son told the judge.

I’m urging you to vote for Judge Adam Peterson, he’s just the kind of judge who can make a difference.

Celine Buczek, Ashland

Campaign sullies image

One associates a retired high-ranking military officer with values like respect and honor. Unfortunately, the state Senate campaign of David Dotterrer has sullied that image.

His campaign against Alan Bates is a dishonest, dishonorable attack on another human being. (It starts with a demeaning image of Bates in the mail-outs.)

How can Dotterrer's supporters not feel ashamed for his besmirching his military past?

Ben Benjamin, Ashland

Supporting Stricker

As a business owner of 14 years in Talent, I support Darby Sticker for mayor.

Business is diminishing in the downtown. This needs attention now! It is time for the economic development and comprehensive plans be updated to sustain small-town businesses to improve the community's quality of life.

Transparency is needed. We need to have better communication between the mayor and the City Council. The current mayor sugarcoats and delays the facts to the City Council, which only delays the solution to the problems that Talent is facing.

I have known Darby for many years. As a business owner I have not always agreed with her decisions but I do respect her and her point of view. I have watched her accomplish many things for the right reason, the good of the city. Darby will move the City of Talent forward in a positive and timely matter.

Melissa Wagy, Talent

The problem with SOU

The problem with SOU is that God is not allowed.

The Bible says God is love. It does not say love is an aspect of God. It says God is love. And love is of God. When God is banned, people don't feel loved. And they need to have guns to protect themselves from unloving people. We know that rape is gone rampant on campus.

Communism, being atheist, is a spiritual disease that spreads like cancer full of liars, deceivers and all manner of cold-hearted, hateful people. Once a person told me that he was atheist and didn't believe in God. But he did say he loved his wife, his kids and his pets. And he loved his neighbors also. I told him that he was intellectually confused. He is not an atheist, but a man of God. And I referred him to 1 John 4:8 and 4:12 that says God is Love. With Bible software a search will find over 300 like verses.

SOU needs to hire priests to come in and say prayers before things get out of hand.

David A. Terry, Ashland

GMOs cause harm

I saw the Mail Tribune's position on Oregon's GMO labeling law, and I've got news for you: GMOs in food are proven harmful to human health. While I appreciate the Tribune endorsing a yes vote on Measure 92, it was disingenuous of you to associate GMOs with oregano and molasses, as if they are equally safe.

Moms Across America, concerned with health dangers of GMOs and associated chemical poisons affecting their children, disagree. In fact, 1,300 studies show GMOs cause harm to human health. See MAM's blog for details, or www.gmofreeusa.com for the full listing.

We're on track to see 50 percent autism in our children in the next 20 years unless we act. Labeling GMOs in Oregon's food is a great step in the right direction.

The Daily Tidings is supposed to be a "news" paper. Please report the real news, and that includes the health dangers of GMOs.

Gregg Marchese, Ashland