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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 29

A state for all the people

Regarding “Zionism is not the problem” (Dec. 24), the real question is whether the creation of a “Jewish state” is a worthy enough goal to warrant the land theft, ethnic cleansing and religious discrimination of the indigenous Palestinian population that lives there.

Israel/Palestine, the land whose borders Israel controls, should be a state for all its people (half of whom are Muslim and Christian), not just for Jews. I commend Peace House for opening up this conversation.

Gene Robbins, Ashland

A compromise

A compromise for GMO alfalfa alreading growing in Jackson County would be just not apply the herbicide that it is modified to resist. The plant itself is not objectionable.

Robert Koster, Ashland

Buy locally

I'm responding to 'Another View' by William F. Shughart II in the Dec. 15 issue of The Daily Tidings.

Mr. Shughart goes through all the reasons why Jeff Bezos is just doing what any good capitalist will do, and emphasizes the benefit to customers of "low prices and access to products that often aren't available locally." I realize that many people are addicted to the convenience of shopping online without a thought for the local businesses that suffer when dollars go to Amazon and other online "shops." Although many folks realize the negative consequences of Walmart's business model, they don't seem to realize that Amazon enjoys the same cheap labor and race-to-the-bottom practices (this includes their treatment of authors).

There are other successful business models, Mr. Shughart. Yes, Amazon offers low prices, but there's a tremendous cost to a hollowed-out Main Street. Local purchases not only keep dollars in our region, but provide jobs and a livelihood for small-business people. As far as not being able to get certain products locally: A bookstore can order books, a music store can order CDs, etc. Perhaps we all should think twice about "needing" that item that is just a click away.

What I wholeheartedly agree with in Mr. Shughart's column is this: "The truth is that nobody is required to buy anything from Amazon." I hope that people will begin to make purchases with a greater awareness of just what they are, and are not, supporting with their dollars.

Eileen Chieco, Ashland

Counseling Center sign missing

Our 4-foot by 3-foot hanging sign is missing after the weekend, and although it is possible that it took flight on its own, we suspect that some humans helped. I hope those who did this enjoyed themselves and it would be lovely if the sign made its way home in the next few days.

The Community Counseling Center of Ashland offers low-cost counseling to many people in the community, as well as providing training for graduate students and registered counseling interns. Many people benefit from our services, which are only possible through the generosity of our directors. Those in need can receive counseling services for as little as $10 per session.

We need our sign so that newcomers can find us easily. It will be an unwelcome financial burden for us to have to replace it. We can appreciate the spirit of fun that may have inspired those who took the sign, and would be grateful to have it returned.

Nando Raynolds, clinical director, Community Counseling Center of Ashland