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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 24

Another good change

If you need positive votes for adding the "Rhymes With Orange" comic strip, here's two. We began following this strip in another paper when it started up. 

It's a great addition and change, along with many others you are making in our hometown Daily Tidings!

Sandi and Jim Risser, Ashland

Kindness and humor

I volunteer weekly in a first grade classroom at Helman School. To develop their writing skills, the children are encouraged to write short letters to each other and send them via the school's "post office."

I helped one 6-year-old with her spelling. Her letter warmed my heart: "Dear N. You are so kind to me. You make me laugh. From your friend, M." I hope most of us would deserve such a sweet missive. Kindness and humor — humanity's best assets.

Trish West, Ashland

Ad placement shocking

I was shocked at the inappropriate insertion of an advertisement for Henry Tribute Rifles on page 11 of the Feb. 18 Tidings next to a story about a teenager who had brought handguns to school and had made threats about using them. The teen had been expelled from school, placed in juvenile detention and undergone two years of mental health therapy.

I'm hoping this was an accidental placement of the ad. I'd hate to think otherwise. But really, is it appropriate to have gun ads in the Daily Tidings at all? Do you have policies regarding what ads you will run?

I am a recent subscriber after many years of not taking the Tidings, and I have been happy with the recent direction the paper is taking. I hope you will reconsider running advertisements for firearms in the paper.

Leslie van Gelder, Ashland

Christianity's contributions

The Feb. 16 Tidings article by Ellen Waldman, "Aging happens: It wouldn't kill you to talk about death," and Chris Honore's commentary, "The perils of religious hubris," elicit response. Walman's article impacted me personally. (This paragraph has been changed to correct the spelling of Ellen Waldman's name.)

Recently I lost several former 1970s Henley High School classmates. The school is situated along Highway 39 between Klamath Falls and Merrill. The Henley Hornets remain prominent in local sports. These deaths are sobering, and remind me of my own mortality.

Chris Honore's commentary? I really cannot see how the Crusades and Inquisition from the medieval or Dark Ages defines biblical Christianity. Therefore, let's address the good of Christianity via its elevation, dignity, and status of women worldwide. Not to mention mankind itself. Historically, "Christianity: The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Women," by Sue Bohlin, examines the facts to show us that a Christian biblical worldview of women lifted, elevated and dignified them as wonderful human beings, created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis Chapter 2).

Biblical Christianity has improved civilization, the plight of mankind and the human condition. Consider our many missions, hospitals, relief institutions (the Salvation Army for instance) which came about because of efforts, activism and caring of godly Christians. Gideons International is another example. I urge Tidings readers to access online www.gideons/ChangedLivesVideo.aspx. See the results of evangelism via distribution of Bibles in our schools, college campuses, hotels, the military and who knows where else? Note the changed lives. Now also consider "Suicide in Jackson County: Double the national rate" by Christine Potawanich, on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012. What hope does secular humanism have to offer a potential suicide victim?

James Farmer, Ashland