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Letters to the Editor, March 27

Don't eat any animals

I would like to thank Lisa Frost for bringing the “dog meat trade” to the public’s attention.

However, I would like to remind your readers that many animals consumed by humans are mistreated, as Ms. Frost described in her letter concerning the treatment of dogs and cats. Humans select different animals as companions and deities depending on their culture, upbringing and religious beliefs.

In India, 900 million adherents of Hinduism believe the cow is sacred. A holy animal to be esteemed, never harmed and surely never eaten. I wonder if those that hold the cow as sacred consider our agricultural industry (stock yards) as “barbaric”?

How did we decide that in this country eating cows is fine, but dogs unacceptable? In another country the reverse may be true. Are we more enlightened or sophisticated because we only kill and eat cows, pigs, chickens, but never dogs or cats?

I love my dog with all my heart and consider her a part of my family. But as an ethical vegan I see no difference in the eating of a dog or a cow.

I would submit that eating any animal goes against our true nature. All animals deserve to not be “beaten, stabbed, boiled, or skinned alive!”

Rather, they deserve to live their natural lives in peace, just like you and me.

Alan Triplett, Ashland

Thanks to Sheriff Falls

Thank you to Sheriff Corey Falls and the Jackson County Sheriff's Department for their efforts. Under the new stead and leadership of Sheriff Falls, our community has been greatly encouraged and uplifted.

As we approach the seven-year mark of the murder of David Lewis (the case is still open, and not yet prosecuted) we would like to thank all those involved, but especially Sheriff Falls. He has shown compassion, consideration and professionalism regarding the handling of Dave's case. He has taken the time and effort to speak with multiple members of Dave's family, informed us as best possible within the confines he works, answered our questions and respected our concerns.

We do not expect miracles, and realize the daunting task of dealing with such a horrid, violent homicide. We have faith in Sheriff Falls' policies, restructuring of the department and transparency. His judgment goes above and beyond.

The detectives working the case continue diligently and we rest assured that the case is not closed. All are deeply appreciated for their efforts. Jackson County law enforcement, overall, has a great sense of accomplishment and new pride.

Sheriff Falls has restored the protect and serve mission statement. It is most welcome.

Linda Lewis, Ashland