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Letters to the Editor, March 30

Warren should run

America is tired of dynastic leaders, and we need new energy to guide the country.

Elizabeth Warren has been a champion for the people, and unlike Hillary Clinton, is not invested in relationship with the corporatocracy and international trade agreements that are bad for American workers and products. Hillary Clinton will continue the Bush and Clinton legacies of bad trade and economic policies. From most women's views, Hillary's main error has been to increase her favoritism to Monsanto instead of looking at the real damage being done to agriculture, exports, animal and human health and the environment being done by chemical corporations with their GMO systems that merge species genes that could never meet in nature and a huge increase in use of toxic sprays.

We need a moratorium — a "time out" — that will curtail all current and pending GMO patents for a year or more to allow legislators and policymakers time to research all the new and damning studies coming out about genetic engineering. An administration led by Hillary will perpetuate GMO trees, vaccines, crops and seeds, and will contribute to the seed monopoly worldwide being modified by Monsanto and friends using animal genes to modify plants. That will mean the end of America.

A vote for Elizabeth Warren is a vote for sanity, for the people and a return to common sense. I wouldn't mind seeing Bernie Sanders as her running mate. Those two (and Jeff Merkley) appear to be the only ones in Washington, D.C. still connected and working for the people.

Catie Faryl, Chamber of Commons,


Redoing the Plaza

Why do people want to waste money redoing the Plaza when there are more pressing issues facing Ashland?

The Pplaza is just fine as it is. If someone wants to add a tree, fine as long as it does not interfere with the flow of people in the Plaza. Let the tree add color, not the pavers.

A better return for our money would to add a "trolley" route to the city, with remote parking out by Shop 'n' Kart, and a route that would pick up visitors at the hotels by the freeway. The trolley would help to alleviate parking problems in the downtown area.

Save our money for sensible solutions

Bob Carter,


Road pruning question

The brush mower crew has been busy out toward Emigrant Lake recently.

Why they leave long grasses that obstruct traffic views, yet cut down a harmless wild yellow plum tree that had been growing along Corp Ranch Road (CRR) for over 10 years is puzzling to me. I still can't see the cars well on Highway 66 when coming to the CRR stop sign, but I will miss the flowers on that small tree.

Rich Ugland,


Donate where it's needed

While the Plaza will not win a beauty contest, it looks fine. If one has money to donate, why not donate to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Ashland School Fund, ScienceWorks, the library or any of the fine organizations who support Ashland and make it a caring place to live? Your money will be put to better use giving to these organization than buying pavers.

Char Hersh,