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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 3

Driven by profit

I was so disappointed to read your editorial in support of the Normal Neighborhood Plan.

First you say it's only a plan and no development is pending. This is little comfort to those of us Ashlanders who love the character of our town and value its quality of life. This plan is clearly driven by the profit it promises to developers and not because Ashland needs more affordable housing. The high density housing that you applaud, mixed with so-called affordability (read, low cost construction and poor quality results) gives us a chance, in 20 or 30 years, to have our very own ghetto, like one of the bigger cities we seem to want to become.

Nowhere in your editorial do you address the serious objections made by critics. The impact on our roads, the demand on our water, the loss of habitat, the residual costs to the taxpayers (these will not be insignificant) are all serious questions with no satisfactory answers. And, of course, there's the completely unfounded projections of great population growth in Ashland, which has no foundation in the statistical profile of our recent history.

Check our population figures for the last 10 years and you'll find our growth is quite slow and manageable. Who benefits from trying to change that? Another of your claims, that elementary schools have closed because people can't afford to live here, ignores other demographic trends and is scant reason to destroy some of our open space, clog our roads, and undermine our supposed commitment to sustainability.

Avram Chetron


Credible gun research

The Bible states: "Be ye angry, and sin not; let not the sun go down upon your wrath." — Ephesians 4:26

Having read "Guns do kill people" in Monday's Ashland Daily Tidings, I naturally resented this anti-gun commentary. However, from past experience I have long since learned that getting upset, angry and irate about such is counterproductive. Therefore, I felt it best to rebut this with credible research calling it into question.

At www.keepandbeararms.com for Monday, Aug. 31 under "Newslinks," readers can access and read online: "Thomas Lucente: U.S. doesn't have gun problem", which includes a video for viewing. "Number One With A Bullet" posted January 23, 2015 by Bill Whittle is also valid. And finally "The Bible, Guns, and Self Defense": Sunday, Aug. 30 at www.jpfo.org gives us insight into this issue. JPFO Inc. is "America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization."

I deplore these murderous mass shootings in our nation, as do even the most vehement anti-gun activists. Same for suicide, dangerous drugs, pornography, immorality, crimes against women, and considerably more! This is not the America and Oregon (I was born in Klamath Falls in November 1956) I was born into! And that is a shame itself.

On a somewhat related theme I endorse " Agenda Grinding America Down" by Curtis Bowers at You Tube. May God have mercy on us.

James A. Farmer


Glyphosate must go

It's no surprise that in March the World Health Organization declared glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, the world's most over-used herbicide, a Class 2 carcinogen. Glyphosate has four patents: a mineral chelator for cleaning industrial pipes and tanks, an herbicide for killing plants, an antibiotic for killing micro-organisms and a desiccant for drying crops prior to harvest. No wonder it's a carcinogen!

That's not all. Before WHO's listing, studies in Sri Lanka where Roundup was heavily sprayed showed it caused kidney failure leading to 20,000 deaths in areas with hard water. Same results in El Salvador. Both countries banned the use of glyphosate herbicides.

Belgium has a ban on retail sales. Applicators must have training to apply glyphosate. France has a strong recommendation from the ecology minister not to sell glyphosate from stores. The Netherlands has a complete ban. Bermuda has suspended imports until further research is conducted.

The U.S. as a nation may never ban nor even regulate glyphosate, because Monsanto owns the government. In fact, 41 states, including Oregon, make it illegal to even try. It is up to us once again to protect our lives and our lands locally with voluntary phase-outs of this hideous poison.

Gregg Marchese