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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 9

Where is the music?

Where is the music? Where is the enjoyment?

I hear so much complaining and shortsightedness in a day that it becomes exhausting. I struggle with it as we all do, but how many of us are aware of it?

So many ridiculous complaints in a day. For what? Can you control it or do something about it? Probably. Maybe it is even an inner change within yourself or myself that needs to be made.

Currently I am directing "The Music Man," and it does make me wonder where the music and enjoyment have gone at times. Within the show Harold Hill, a con man, comes to a town and through his deception teaches a town how to find music not only in themselves, but in others.

How much different is Ashland, Ore., from River City, Iowa? Not only do the town and people find something that was missing, but so does Harold Hill in this show.

I operate within a theater community, and at times it can be the most uplifting environment or the most soul-sucking, but just like any environment it is what the people within it make it. As of lately it has become more apparent to me that Ashland needs a Harold Hill. Not someone who will con the town, but someone to initiate a wake-up call.

How many people do you really know in this community? When on the street, do you smile and greet? I feel like we complain about things within our environment or community at times and say we need to fix these things to have a better community when really it comes down to fixing ourselves.

It makes me wonder what we let the years or times take away. Is it more about money than love or friendship? Is it more about comfort and security than embracing something different and stepping outside of our safe place? Are we living in fear or overcoming the things that frighten us?

Life seems to be what we make it to be. As community and environment are what we make them to be.

Peter Wickliffe

Thanks for the Memories Theatre Company

Keep it local

After reading about the article on the three artists chosen for the Gateway Island art installation, I found out they are all from out of the area.

And, I have to say each of the concepts elicited a "wow" — but not in a positive way! With all of the creative talent we have in this town, why are we going outside of the city that this art is to represent?

Happy to see that Lloyd Haines & Friends have the right idea — to honor our local artists and keep the dollars here!

Candace Williams


Ultimate contradiction

The Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis, in refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay people, illustrates the ultimate contradiction in the position taken by many Christian evangelicals.

They would be first in line to oppose the establishment anywhere of Sharia law, a legal system based on Islam. Why? Because they don't believe the government should impose an Islamic belief system on all the people, some of whom may be Christian, Baha'i, Jewish, or whatever. So why don't they see the absurdity in wanting to impose their own version of "God's Law" on everybody?

Was it Rodney Dangerfield who said, "Why can't we all just get along?" Oh, no, he was the one who could get no respect. Those gay couples know just how he felt.

Jim Flint