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NFL action

In-depth coverage of Sunday’s action. B2


Lloyd has hat trick, U.S. women rout Haiti

Carli Lloyd is still delivering hat tricks, just on smaller stages than the World Cup final. Lloyd had her second straight three-goal game to lead the United States to an 8-0 victory over Haiti on Sunday in a friendly. Lloyd scored all three goals in the first half for her fifth hat trick and second in three days, then sat out the second half. She also made recent appearances ranging from "Hard Knocks" on HBO to ESPN's "College GameDay Saturday" before the Mississippi-Alabama game. Lloyd also had three goals Thursday night in the first game against Haiti, which substituted for the Australian team mired in a labor dispute. She has 16 goals this year, one more than her previous high set in 2012 and matched in 2014.

Track record set at Southern Oregon Speedway

Drew Fielder (hornets), Bob Burkett (mini stocks), Jorddon Braaten (sport mods), Andy Freeman (modifieds) and Josh King (dwarfs) were the A-main winners at Southern Oregon Speedway in White City on Saturday night.

James Welschonse set a new track record in Sport Mods with a time of 15.047 seconds.

Hornets Trophy Dash — Drew Fielder; Hornets A-Main — Drew Fielder, Neal Coaty, Mikey Johnson, Garrett Fredrickson.

Mini Stocks Trophy Dash — David Marble; Mini Stocks A-Main — Bob Burkett, David Steele, Gary Anderson, Eric Hanson, David Marble, Terry Kendrick, Marissa Henson, Kris Mix, Andrew Hall, Mike Cloud, Randy Simmons, Brandon Geyer.

Sport Mods Trophy Dash — Jorddon Braaten; Sport Mods A-Main — Jorddon Braaten, Bob Nelsen, Glen Severson, Dwayne Melvin, James Welschonse, Mike Medel, Randy Fernandes, Curt Ballard.

Modifieds Trophy Dash — Albert Gill; Modifieds A-Main — Andy Freeman, Albert Gill, Steve Walker, Tim Bailey, James Anderson, Ray Kniffen Jr., Lloyd Speer, Bo Shields.

Dwarf Cars Trophy Dash — Kalvin Morton; Dwarf Cars A-Main — Josh King, Kalvin Morton, Camden Robustelli, Fred Hay, Kevin Putnam, Cody Peters, Randy Slater, Jesse Merriman, Reggie Ayres, Paul Haselow, Mike Gehringer, Ryan Smith, Kaycee Sheeler, Brock Peters, Bill VanPraag, James Edwards, Rob Gergel, Joe Sanders, Travis Gergel.

Locals pick up drag racing wins

Jeff Schultz (super pro), Brandon Bogart (pro), Chad Bruce (sportsman) and Jeramy Reber (motorcycle) captured drag racing victories Friday at Champion Raceway in White City, with Schulz taking home king of the track honors.


SUPER PRO — WINNER: Jeff Schulz (Dragster); RUNNER-UP: Jeremy McGee ('69 Firebird).

PRO — WINNER: Brandon Bogart ('71 Bogart); RUNNER-UP: Vern Padgett ('78 Malibu).

SPORTSMAN — WINNER: Chad Bruce ('65 Mustang); RUNNER-UP: Jim Barden ('69 Torino).

MOTORCYCLE — WINNER: Jeramy Reber ('00 Hayabusa); RUNNER-UP: Jerry Stinson (Unknown).

KING OF THE TRACK — WINNER: Jeff Schulz (Dragster); RUNNER-UP: Jeremy McGee ('69 Firebird).


HOT ROD — WINNER: Jeff Schulz (Dragster); RUNNER-UP: Vern Padgett ('78 Malibu).

STREET DOT — WINNER: Kevin Barden ('65 Mustang); RUNNER-UP: Tyler Linville ('65 El Camino).

SPORT COMPACT — WINNER: Brittni Bloomberg ('08 Mazda 3); RUNNER-UP: Freesia Hunter ('01 Accord).

MOTORCYCLE — WINNER: Jerry Stinson (Unknown); RUNNER-UP: Derek Wolf ('07 FZ1).

HIGH SCHOOL — WINNER: Jared Scherrer ('71 Vega); RUNNER-UP: Mandi Fremming ('69 Dodge R/T).


Sept. 21, 1955

Rocky Marciano knocks out Archie Moore in the ninth round at Yankee Stadium in New York to retain the world heavyweight title.