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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 13

No flags on Veteran's Day

Ashlanders may have noticed that Ashland Kiwanis did not place flags around town on Nov. 11, Veterans Day. Veterans Day is one of the federal holidays that we annually recognize by placing flags at downtown business addresses, other locations, and along Siskiyou Boulevard.

The reason the flags weren’t flown on Veteran's Day was the weather. All of the weather forecasts that we tracked provided a high probability of rain during the day. Our flags are not fully weatherproof, and require a great deal of indoor drying to have them available for the next holiday.

We are sorry for taking the step to not place flags on Veterans Day. The Ashland Kiwanis Club fully supports the Veterans Day Holiday, and we honor all veterans for their commitment. We will plan a “make-up” day in the very near future where we can, at a minimum, place flags along Siskiyou Boulevard.

Russ Chadick

Ashland Kiwanis Club

Burning not required

The Nov. 9 Daily Tidings cover shows a man lighting a fire with a drip torch. A drip torch holds about a gallon of fuel and ignites for about half an hour. It contains diesel and burns that on the ground in an uncontrolled environment. Most people would not like to see a barrel of oil burning downtown day after day.

I do support the fuels reduction, but a propane torch is a much more clean burning igniter.

Piling debris away from trees is a good idea, but burning those piles is not always necessary. Look at them as compost piles that will nurture the bigger trees with nutrients. Unburned piles will retain water in the dry summer months and will eventually rot into the ground. Making smoke and carbon monoxide out of them is not wise.

Rotten wood is necessary for wildlife, including spotted owls. Piles do rot into the ground and become entangled with the roots of trees. Wildlife nests in them. And the food for wildlife nests in them.

We are not cleaning a house in the watershed. It doesn't have to be spotless. Forests need variety. The Ashland watershed needs fuel reduction, but there needs to be a lot more study of how this is done, especially if the technique is going to be used on a huge scale. We don't need to choke and gasp to get this job done.

Alden Moffatt


Thanks for series

Thanks to you and Lynne Hasselman to a wonderfully written series, "We Regret to Inform You."

Lynne knows her stuff. For example, she accurately portrayed battles and aircraft and crafted stories to bring us readers on a road back to World War II. Well done!

Pam Wolosz