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Letters to the Editor, March 3

Build more parking

The solution to Ashland's downtown parking problems is not to punish our residents, employees, students and tourists. It is to build another parking garage across the street from the post office which will eventually pay for itself.

The employees will finally have a legitimate place to park. Do you think the tourists will enjoy parking hassles while they are on vacation? If you want businesses to thrive and bring back the residents who avoid downtown, don't raise the parking fines and fees.

Mary Ruth Wooding


A team effort

The 2016 short session of the Oregon Legislature has been fast, furious and dealt with many policy issues which should have been left for the Regular session. But there is always a silver lining if we work at it.

I would like to take the time to personally and publicly thank Sen. Herman Baertschiger, Sen. Alan Bates, Rep. Mike McLane, Rep. Duane Stark and in particular Rep. Peter Buckley for their assistance in procuring the $1 million for the Holly Theatre Restoration Project. A special thank you also to Rep. Greg Smith from Ways and Means, Capitol Construction for assisting in ushering this request through the legislative process.

There is no” I” in team — and a great team we were for this particular appropriation. Oregon thanks you for your service, I thank you for working together on this project, the Holly Theatre Restoration Project is extremely grateful and Oregonians will thank you each time they attend a special event in this magnificent theater.

Rep. Sal Esquivel, District 6


Oppose Nedsbar sale

The Nedsbar Timber Sale is a large, landscape-scale timber management project proposed by the BLM in the Applegate Valley that is strongly opposed by many Applegate Valley residents.

The project proposes to log healthy, old forests, build new logging roads into sensitive areas and increase fire hazards by logging large, fire-resistant trees, and drastically removing forest canopies. These heavily opened canopies will dry forests through an increase in sun and wind while growing large quantities of brush. The result is the opposite of fuel reduction. The loss of forest canopy and large diameter trees will also affect the habitat of the northern spotted owl and Pacific fisher.

Much of the Nedsbar Timber Sale will take place in the viewshed of the popular Sterling Ditch Trail, while some of the most troubling timber sale units are located directly adjacent to the proposed Jack-Ash Trail, a hiking trail that would link the communities of Jacksonville and Ashland. If you enjoy the scenic vistas of the Sterling Ditch Trail or the wild beauty of the Applegate Valley, please help us stop this timber sale. The BLM’s Environmental Assessment for Nedsbar will be released in mid-April. For more information visit  www.thesiskiyoucrest.blogspot.com.

Luke Ruediger


Support Marsh

I am writing in support of Pam Marsh as she launches her campaign to be elected state representative for District 5.

I admire Pam’s commitment to the well-being and quality of life of the people of our region, her interest in the vitality of its business community and the health of the many services that make Southern Oregon a good place to live. I was privileged to watch her in action while we worked together in human services and believe she has the ability, the energy and desire to do the best she can for all the people of Southern Oregon.

Please join me in encouraging the voters of her district to give Pam the opportunity to serve them in Salem.

Lisa Meadows


Redemption of a sort

"I think a lot about the Department of Energy, because energy is my baby: oil and gas and minerals, those things that God has dumped on this part of the Earth for mankind’s use." — Sarah Palin

The effusive praise being heaped on deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin (Scallywag) Scalia gives credence to that old adage: Dying has a way of turning the most irredeemable SOB into a saint.

Doyle Hirsch