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Letters to the Editor, March 25

Supporting Marsh

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of support for Pam Marsh, who is running for state representative in Oregon’s District 5.

Having had the opportunity to see Pam in action in several situations from human services to public office, I am convinced that she will apply her full intelligence, energy, open-mindedness and experience to do the best possible job for the people of her district. Please join me in granting Pam Marsh the opportunity to do even more for the people of our region.

Amanda Krug


'Expectations' exceeds them

A rousing ovation for OSF's production of Charles Dickens's novel Great Expectations. Directed by Penny Metropulos who adapted the book with Linda Alper, the show is a rare adventure in theatre. It's purpose, for the actors to serve the story. There are no distractions from this brilliant work that calls upon the mind and imagination of each individual in the audience to complete the experience and decide for themselves. No one is shown what to think.

This production is about words and ideas first, and it is thrilling to follow a great story. Metropulos has directed for OSF often with several large cast Shakespearean comedies to her credit. This show takes another turn with skillful chorus work, or narration, in which actors available at the time appear and reappear never upstaging other actors onstage or the play's action and its meaning. The actors play several parts, this serves to delight and further clarify-something rare these days.

A.D. Bill Rauch has put in motion first rate ensemble work, and the reviving of a famous classic which is hard to achieve, even on London's West End. There is also an original ending that works far better than the usual renditions in movies or on TV. It's a gigantic play with plenty to say. Bravo OSF.

Leah Ireland