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Letters to the Editor, May 5

Bridge neighbors welcome

I am writing to respond to Jim Flint's guest opinion on May 3 regarding the Nevada Street Bridge.

In his piece, referring to the recent April 28 Transportation Commission meeting at which several citizens voiced their opposition to, and support for, the bridge project, he made two references to me, a member of the commission, for (1) seeming "piqued", (2) "twice chastising the people for coming at the last minute," and (3) "accusing some of having a 'not-in-my-backyard' attitude."

I am very sorry that Mr. Flint had that impression, for his characterization could not have been farther from my intent. First of all, I wasn't piqued at all. In fact, I opened my remarks to the audience by stating how happy I was at the huge turnout for the meeting.

I then went on to implore the citizens who were present to get involved with the goings-on in city business, in this case the Transportation Commission, much earlier in the process, i.e., that we citizen volunteer commissioners appreciate public presence and input early and often. This helps to guide us in our consideration and deliberation of specific projects.

I then stated that, when people show up at the 11th hour, after many months or years of formulating a plan or proposal, that some might perceive them as not-in-my-backyard activists and be less moved by their pleas. In no way was this an indication of my feelings about them but, rather, a heart-felt invitation to them to get more involved in our city governance.

I am sorry that I apparently wasn't clear enough to Mr. Flint, and possibly others, in stating my intention, and I do sincerely appreciate him and the others who did show up to the meeting.

David Young, transportation commissioner


Lions end newspaper recycling

Ashland Lions newspaper recycling has helped fund the Southern Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Center in Medford. But after many years of collecting newspapers in their big blue bins, the Lions have ended their recycling operations.

The owners of the Bi-Mart/Shop'n Kart center found it necessary to fence the area where the Lions newspaper collection bin has been placed for the past few years. Loss of this location and the continued decline of markets and prices for recycled newspaper forced the Lions to end all collections including those at the Mountain Meadows and Minute Mart on Siskiyou locations.

The Lions thank the community for supporting this program and suggest that people place their newspapers in their curbside recycling bins or take the papers to the Water Street Recycling Center. For information about the Ashland Lions and how they serve the community please visit www.ashlandoregonlions.org or call 541-841-0771. If you want to support the vision and hearing services provided by the Southern Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Center, contact Glory Copper at 541-779-3653.

Pete Jorgensen


Obama's economy

The following passage appears in Andrew Ross Sorkin's article in the New York Times Magazine April 29 regarding President Obama's economic legacy, and I think these facts deserve our consideration:

"His economy has certainly come further than most people recognize. The private sector has added jobs for 73 consecutive months — some 14.4 million new jobs in all — the longest period of sustained job growth on record. Unemployment, which peaked at 10 percent the year Obama took office, the highest it had been since 1983, under Ronald Reagan, is now 5 percent, lower than when Reagan left office. The budget deficit has fallen by roughly $1 trillion during his two terms. And overall U.S. economic growth has significantly outpaced that of every other advanced nation."

Michael Money


Choose Arrasmith

David Arrasmith has been a Jackson County deputy assessor since 1985. He is currently the team leader responsible for multi-family, commercial, and industrial zoned properties and for business personal property as well. He is the only candidate qualified to appraise all of these property types.

He served as chairman of the Rogue Valley Transportation board and for four years on the Rogue Federal Credit Union board. Large business concerns that he has appraised include the Rogue Valley Mall, Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport, Providence Hospital and the Rogue Valley Manor.

I met David a year and a half ago at the Star Promenaders Square Dance Club. He also trains his horse with the Trail Dust Saddle Club. His professional, civic and social activities make him a person who is out and about in our community.

Arrasmith for assessor is the wise choice.

Tom Lamoree


Supporting Crain

Pat Crain is a woman who cares. As a Jackson County Circuit Court judge assigned to Community Family Court, Judge Crain works with families torn by addiction, abuse and neglect. As the presiding judge in Adult Drug Court, Crain oversees a structured course of rehabilitation for individuals struggling to put their lives back together after committing crimes associated with their drug use. On the juvenile court, Judge Crain makes measured decisions regarding the most difficult child custody decisions.

Judge Crain has helped create alternatives to incarceration that foster healthy, law-abiding individuals — citizens who can nurture their children, support families and contribute to the economy. This is community justice in action: cost effective and compassionate strategies that create a stronger, safer and more resilient community.

Please join me in supporting the re-election of Judge Pat Crain.

Pam Marsh


Vote for RVTD

This is in response to Mitch Selby's letter April 29.

The Rogue Valley needs reliable transportation for car-less employees, the elderly, students and the poor. The fares of $4 round-trip are already too high for that population and are only a small percent of the costs. Last year there were 1.3 million riders. The air quality and our lives are improved by the cars that are not driven by the bus riders. Please vote for 15-141, the RVTD levy.

Mary Ruth Wooding