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Letters to the Editor, May 28

Thanks for the fish article

Thank you for publishing the article by Mark Freeman on illegal fish stocking. And thanks to the angling clubs and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for their efforts to protect Oregon recreational fisheries and native fish.

Illegal introductions are a huge threat to the Southern Oregon waters we all enjoy and it's high time for prosecution of scofflaws. Anyone who fishes or recreates around rivers or lakes should be concerned.

And to the examples listed could be added the looming and massive disaster of Asian carp (irresponsibly introduced) invading the Great Lakes. The problem is one with severe economic as well as environmental consequences if we continue to ignore it.

John Hamilton


'Big one' will come

A Daily Tidings headline May 20, "If the Big One comes," should read "When the Big One comes." We are overdue, so I'm getting ready, bit by bit. An earthquake may cause our water supply to stop. Therefore, I've got together my compost toilet. Getting info from CERT, and the city, here's all one needs:


1. Two 5-gallon buckets, heavy-duty, 12 by 15 inches.

2. One 5-lb. bag garden lime.

3. Compost: dry grass clippings, leaves, small wood chips, peat moss.

4. Toilet seat with cover.


1. Put 4 inches of compost in the bottom of a 5-gallon bucket.

2. Poop.

3. Sprinkle on 1 tablespoon of lime.

4. Add 1 inch of compost.

5. Keep using this bucket until it begins to smell. Then, put it outdoors to air and dry out.

6. Switch to second bucket.

7. When the second bucket is full, empty the first bucket into a 55-gallon drum or into a pit in the ground.

Being a bit prepared for emergencies brings some peace of mind. I wish the same to you.

Carola Lacy


Upgrade black boxes

Concerning the "little black box" on airplanes that explode and disappear in the deep dark sea:

I’ve been in France since before the explosion of EgyptAir Airbus flight MS804 over the Mediterranean and my daughter has been, and still is, in Egypt. Makes one think, “hum, with all of the airplanes going down, and the millions being spent to send aircraft, military ships and search teams to look for the site of the explosion with all of its debris (human and man-made), why aren’t the airlines being required to equip those infamous little black boxes (a 30-year-old, outdated technology) with underwater communication systems?

Why, yes, those systems do exist, and have been offered by such companies as Teledyne Denthos (100 percent sure that their equipment will work), to organizations such as Air France, Boeing and, well, the FAA. But, apparently the number of explosions — the results of systems failure or terrorist acts — don’t merit the money it would take to buy and implement the technology.

For shame. Maybe 60 Minutes will do an exposé.

Donna Hertz


A must-see movie

Last Friday I went with my parents to see the phenomenal new film, "Vaxxed," at the Varsity Theatre. This documentary really brought me more awareness about what’s going on with vaccines, the pharmaceutical industry and the CDC.

I really think that as many people as possible should see this film, which highlights the vaccine study in which the CDC fraudulently manipulated data to disprove a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Before entering the theater, my mom, dad, and I handed out fliers for a community panel and discussion about the film that will be happening at the Ashland Library on June 1 for people who have seen "Vaxxed." I feel that when people start to wake up to the things that they don't always want to hear they will start to understand better what is going on. And understanding what is going on will help you to understand the film better. So let's all start to wake up and understand together. It's showtime. It's now or never, and I choose now.

Alexa Schmidt