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Letters to the Editor, July 6

The emperor is naked

From what I read in the Tidings, I’m almost certain that the man who made that racist remark to the OSF actor was severely mentally ill. If he ever got his sanity back, I bet he’d be horrified by what he said, just like we are. Insanity intoxicates the mind. How many people have said, “I can’t believe I said that when I was drunk”?

But “out of the mouths of babes,” we often get the truth. I think this man was like the child in the fairy tale, “The Emperor Has No Clothes.” He bluntly revealed the racism in our society. I feel compassion for the person who was his victim, but I also think that he’s a gift to Ashland. He showed us that we should look inside ourselves, and clean up whatever racism still remains in our town.

A. Rosen


Don't build the bridge

The City Council has OK'd $150,000 of taxpayer money to revise the Transportation System Plan (TSP) to include, among other things, the “Nevada Bridge connection project.” The proposed auto bridge over Bear Creek will cost between $6 million and $10 million — depending on whether it is built in the 100-year flood plain or above it.

And the bridge is of questionable value in the first place:

• It is an unrealistic route to bypass downtown.

• It would generate more traffic from parents driving five kids on the east side of the creek to Helman School instead of using the school bus.

• Fire trucks can reach both sides of the creek with equal ease now.

• It would connect two quiet neighborhoods that don’t want to be connected.

• And most of the neighbors don’t want the auto bridge.

All the money to build the bridge is not yet in hand. The $1.5 million that is available from the state will disappear in 2018 if the project is not underway by then. The city is paying a lobbyist to inveigle the missing money from public agencies. At a cost of $30,000 in taxpayers' money. If he is unsuccessful, the shortfall would have to come from city taxpayers — capital improvement money that can be much better spent fixing the potholes on Hersey.

Tell the City Council and the Planning Commission to excise the Bridge to Nowhere from all future planning.

Spike Breon