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Letters to the Editor, July 15

Check your privilege

Can you imagine being pulled over by a patrol officer for a broken taillight and getting shot to death?

Can you envision your teenage son in the morgue after a cop mistook a toy gun for the real thing and killed the boy in a stairwell?

Would it be possible for you to die on the way to jail after being busted for the petty crime of selling cigarettes on a street corner?

Would you hang yourself in a jail cell after “resisting arrest” and not being able to make bail for three days?

Could you easily walk away from a man screaming the KKK is alive in Oregon and he could legally kill you?

If not, it might be time to check your white privilege. Black Lives Do Matter.

Marilyn Hawkins


Referee or champion?

In Friday’s KOBI interview Gov. Kate Brown defined her role as merely a referee in the 10-year struggle between fossil fuel companies wanting to establish tentacles in Southern Oregon and the thousands of Oregonians opposing fossil fuel projects here. She described Oregon as “only a small part of the (climate change) problem, but proud that we’re easing off coal-fired electricity.

Is her underlying message that Oregon has room to grow into being a bigger part of the problem by becoming, say, a transit hub for LNG export? Can Chinese LNG-dependent plastics factories establish here despite the huge volume of greenhouse gases these industries emit? For jobs?

In spite of the fact that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has rejected the Pacific Connector/Jordan Cove LNG project as having insufficient public benefit to outweigh the harm it would inflict, Brown has failed to take a strong public stand on keeping this and other fossil fuels projects out of Oregon.

In speeches, Brown calls herself a “Climate Champion,” but she has to be on the team before she can become a real champion.

Vicki Simpson


Phoenix needs you

From bringing in the railroad in 1866 to the re-creation of the Interstate 5 interchange in 2015, Phoenix has looked for progressive and innovative ways to assist in the continued growth and advancement of its populace, providing opportunities for new businesses, an improved local job market, strong support for local schools and sustainable communities.

Without the support and progressive thinking of her citizens and local government, the city of Phoenix would not be the gem she is today. For these reasons, we encourage Phoenix residents to take action by investing their time and their passion in local office!

Ready to make a difference? Civic-minded residents of Phoenix, you are needed! Phoenix City Council and mayor positions require your vision and passion. You can assure our city moves forward, grows wisely and changes positively. Don’t miss the Aug. 30 deadline to file. For information, head to Phoenix City Hall today!

Mark Kellenbeck


Thanks to partners

On behalf of the foster and adoptive children of Jackson County, I want to thank two of our community partners who have helped to make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children in Southern Oregon.

On July 9, the Jackson County Homebuilders Association and Scott Valley Bank hosted a picnic for almost 200 adults and children. Foster and adopted children and families enjoyed a barbecue, water spray park, prizes from "fishing," face painting and the tremendous hospitality and generosity of these men and women.

Thanks so much to these fine people who are making a difference in the lives of children. To find out more about foster parenting and/or adoption or to make a difference in the life of a child in other ways, you can get more information by contacting Child Welfare Programs, 776-6120, ext. 264 or go to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jacksoncountyfosteradopt.

Penny Esser

Child Welfare