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Letters to the Editor, July 26

The perfect candidate

I want to thank Harriet Berman for her letter of July 19, "Stop covering Trump." She points out how the media has inundated us with his every hateful, racist, misogynistic utterance, and credits this nonstop coverage for at least some of his popularity.

Tony Schwartz, the ghost-writer of Trump's 1987 memoir and business advice book, "The Art of the Deal," is now expressing profound remorse for promoting the myth of Trump as the great deal-maker and affable fellow. According to Schwartz, he "put lipstick on a pig" and says he finds the prospect of a Trump presidency "terrifying."

Schwartz is not the only one who jettisoned morality for monetary gain: As CBS CEO Leslie Moonves recently stated, Trump has been great for CBS's bottom line, even though he (Trump) "may not be good for America." Mainstream media outlets continue to be more interested in the superficial and sensational, celebrities and entertainment, than any thoughtful examination of the many issues that directly affect most of us.

So I guess Trump, who lies, misrepresents and distorts facts to further his ends, and has no sense of history or interest in complex ideas, is the perfect candidate for those who prefer  so-called "reality TV" to real issues.

Eileen Chieco


Thanks for forest support

The partners in the Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project thank everyone in the community for your support in so many ways. Thanks especially for honoring trail closures, and for tolerating rumbling log trucks and the occasional smoke that would settle in town when we conducted burning operations.

Caring for our forest is a community endeavor. Your support has helped us to reduce the risk of severe wildfire and protect our drinking water, older forests, wildlife, people, property and Ashland’s exceptional quality of life.

The significant progress we are all making toward a healthier and safer community is made possible by your patience, support and love of the forest. We now have a healthier forest that will be more resilient to climate change and wildfires.

As of July 19, all trails are open! We hope you have a wonderful summer exploring the Ashland Watershed and Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest!

Marko Bey, on behalf of the Lomakatsi Restoration Project, the city of Ashland, The Nature Conservancy and the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest

Thanks to team

Thanks for the featured article by John Darling on my new invention, The Royal Weeder. I’ve gotten such wonderful response from it and am grateful for the community support for this home grown product!

As I’ve learned throughout the years, it takes a team effort to build a company, so I’d like to give a special thanks to those who have been so instrumental in helping me thus far: Chris Mole (branding & graphics design), Susanne Severeid (sales and promotion), Mandy Valencia (social media) and all the others here in Ashland who have encouraged me to begin this startup company.

Fred Marken