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First Friday filled with new art exhibits

Landscape drawings by Ann DiSalvo, photography and video by Bruce Bayard, still lifes and portraits by Bobbie Jansen and Gabriel Mark Lipper, and a women's invitational exhibit titled "The Female of the Species" will be showcased during the Ashland Galleries Association's First Friday Art Walk to be held from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 5, in downtown Ashland, the Railroad District and at Southern Oregon University.

DiSalvo and Bayard explore the boundary between land and sea in "Gestures at the Continent Edge" at Studio A.B. DiSalvo's plein air drawings focus on the strength of rock formations while alluding to the fragile nature of land. Bayard's photography and video captures the soft and hard edges of the land and sea boundary. Trees, waves, sand and mist soften rock formations that have tumbled to the continent's edge.

At Hanson Howard Gallery, Albany artist Bobbie Jansen paints still-life objects to which she finds a connection. It can be as simple as a shape or color, but more often it is a symbol of something greater. Lush color and strong brushwork fill Lipper's large-scale portraits.

The Schneider Museum of Art will be one of 25 venues across the state participating in Disjecta Contemporary Art Center's "Portland2016: A Biennial of Contemporary Art," curated by Michelle Grabner. The exhibit showcases contemporary artists living and working in Oregon, including Mike Bray, David Eckard, Giles Lyon, Brenna Murphy and Storm Tharp.

Gallerie Karon's invitational show features more than 20 artists and a range of media that includes photography, painting, porcelain portraits, textiles, ceramics, books and cards.

Look for opening receptions at participating galleries. Pick up gallery tour maps at any of the listed galleries, the Ashland Chamber of Commerce or download one from www.ashlandgalleries.com.

The following galleries are members of the Ashland Gallery Association: 

ART & SOUL GALLERY: 247 E. Main St., 541-488-9006 or www.artandsoulgallery.com. "Journey," oil and pastel paintings by Judy Richardson.

ASHLAND ART CENTER: 357 E. Main St., 541-482-2772 or www.ashlandartcenter.org. Wearable fiber art by Laura Lawrence, watercolor illustrations by Paula Fong, and ceramic sculpture by Jane Sterling.

ASHLAND ART WORKS: 291 Oak St., 541-488-4735 or www.ashlandartworks.com. "Art, Poetry and Thee," assemblages, paintings and poetry reading by Elin Babcock, and "Art on Rocks," wildlife and Shakespearean characters sketched on rocks, photography and paintings by Michael Gibson.

GALLERIE KARON: 500 A St., 541-482-9008. "The Female of the Species."

HANSON HOWARD GALLERY: 89 Oak St., 541-488-2562 or www.hansonhowardgallery.com. Still lifes by Bobbie Jansen and portraits by Gabriel Mark Lipper.

NIMBUS: 25 E. Main St., 541-482-3621 or www.clubnimbus.net. Daniel and Stefani Seffinger of Ashland Glass Act.

PHOTOGRAPHERS' GALLERY: Inside the Ashland Art Center, 357 E. Main St., 541-301-5975 or www.ashlandphotographersgallery.com. "Death Valley in Bloom" by photographer Bobbie Murphy.

SCHNEIDER MUSEUM OF ART: 1250 Siskiyou Blvd., 541-552-6245 or www.sou.edu/sma. "Portland2016: A Biennial of Contemporary Art," a showcase of contemporary artists living and working in Oregon, including Mike Bray, David Eckard, Giles Lyon, Brenna Murphy and Storm Tharp.

THE WEBSTERS: 11 N. Main St., 541-482-9801 or www.yarnatwebsters.com. Artful clothing, jewelry, hats and accessories.

Associate members of the Ashland Gallery Association include:

ARTISAN EYEWORKS: 215 Fourth St., 541-708-5350, www.artisaneyeworks.com. Photography by Darcie Sternenberg.

ASHLAND NATURAL MEDICINE: No. 103, 180 Lithia Way, 541-414-7320, www.ashlandnaturalmedicine.com. Local contemporary artists.

BELLA TERRA FINE JEWELRY: 60 E. Main St., 541-708-6300, www.bellaterrajewelry.com. Artisan jewelry.

HILL STATION: 287 Fourth St., www.hillstationashland.com. "Transition" by Cathy Schoenberg.

MADRONE CANNABIS CLUB: 481 Applegate Way, 541-708-6480, www.madronefarms.com. Fine art, photography, jewelry and glass.

RASA CENTER FOR YOGA AND WELLNESS: 469 B St., 541-488-6236, www.rasayogacenter.com.

SHEPHERD'S DREAM: 629 A St., www.shepherdsdream.com, 541-708-5439. "Captured Moments in Watercolor" by Cheryl Johnson.

SUMMIT AND FIELDS: 337 E. Main St., 541-941-2946 or www.summitandfields.com. Men's and women's clothing.

Restaurants, wineries and wine bars:

BELLE FIORE ESTATE & WINERY: 100 Belle Fiore Lane, off Dead Indian Memorial Road, 541-488-9765.

CREEKSIDE PIZZA BISTRO: 92 N. Main St., 541-482-4131 or www.creeksidepizza.com. 

ENOTECA BY EDENVALE: 17 N. Main St., 541-482-3377 or www.edenvalleyorchards.com.

LIQUID ASSETS WINE BAR: 96 N. Main St., 541-482-9463 or www.liquidassetswinebar.com. Photography by Rainen Janes, Dan Elster and Joseph Linaschke, and paintings by Shanna Trumbly.

LOFT BRASSERIE & BAR: 18 Guanajuato Way, 541-482-1116, ww.loftashland.com.

SMITHFIELDS RESTAURANT: 36 S. Second St., 541-488-9948 or www.smithfieldsashland.com. Paintings by Sara F. Burns.

Working studio members:

DENISE KESTER STUDIO: 438 Helman St., 541-778-2673, www.drawingonthedream.com. Monoprints and handmade books.

THE DESIGN STUDIO: 258 A St., No. 10, 541-227-8680, www.dianeericson.com. Textiles by Diane Ericson and Jo Ann Manzone.

THE ENCLAVE: 1661 Siskiyou Blvd., 541-301-5738, facebook.com/enclavestudioashland. Fine art.

GATHERING GLASS STUDIO: 322 N. Pioneer St., 541-488-4738 or www.gatheringglass.com. Ornamental and functional glass sculpture and glass-blowing demonstrations.

NUMINOUS STUDIO WEST: 847 Pavilion Place, 541-708-5141, www.numinousstudiowest.com. "Blue Moon Eclipse."

OAK LEAF STUDIO: 247 Oak St., 541-488-5756 or www.oakleafstudio.net. "Paris Blue," new digital photography by Leif Trygg.

PUMPHOUSE STUDIOS: 2000 Ashland Mine Road, 541-973-3103, www.pumphousestudios.com.

REBECCA GABRIEL STUDIO: 404 Wilson Road, 541-488-3831, www.rebeccagabriel.com. "Contemporary Realist," paintings, drawings and mixed media.

STUDIO A.B.: 621 A St., 541-482-2253, www.babayard.com or www.anndisalvo.com. Drawings, photography and video by Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard.

STUDIO SHOSHANAH: 502 A St., www.cybermuse.com. "The Red Shoes," by Shoshanah Dubiner.

SUZANNE ETIENNE STUDIOS: 143 N. Third St., 831-325-7600, www.suzanneetienne.com. Colorful, contemporary paintings.