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Ashley Laird recovering after weekend of being lost in the woods

After surviving a weekend of being lost in the woods outside Jacksonville, Dr. Ashley Laird is reportedly tired and sore but on the mend.

"She literally didn’t have a thing to eat or drink. ... Her body was essentially breaking down her muscles to survive. But she’s essentially fine," Laird's husband, Dan Arnold, said in a telephone interview Monday. "She seems just like her old self."

Laird, 37, was found at 5:30 p.m. Sunday on the lower end of Rail Trail in Jacksonville's Forest Park after getting lost on a run at about 9:30 a.m. Friday.

"She went up on some trails that she didn’t know and she got lost," Arnold said. "She tried to figure it out to the best that she could and she ended up just getting more lost."

Laird's father, Bruce, was among the team of searchers who found Laird after three days of searching involving almost 200 volunteers. She was standing upright, conscious, severely dehydrated and scraped up but otherwise uninjured.

Arnold said Laird, an experienced runner, had spent the weekend trying to find her way back. She had a bump on her head, which he suspects might indicate she lost consciousness at some point over the weekend. She remembers sleeping in the woods Friday night but has no recollection of Saturday night.

"When they asked her what day it was, she said Saturday. Somehow she lost an entire day," Arnold said. "When they rescued her, she was upright and talking, she was still trying to get herself back down to a road. ... She was still forming plans to rescue herself even till the end."

Laird is being treated at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, where she works in the emergency room.

Reach reporting intern Hannah Golden at hgolden@mailtribune.com.