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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 29

Change the system

I wholeheartedly agree with Barbara Klein and Jackie Clary’s call for a more rational election system for Ashland's city council positions.

I was surprised, having recently moved to Ashland, that there’s an arbitrary set of numbered slots for council seats. Not only does this restrict voter choices in the ways Klein and Clary describe, but it also forces would-be candidates to second-guess one another about which slot to run for, in hopes of facing fewer or weaker opponents.

Ashland’s electorate is informed and intelligent, and we surely can improve on the current system by allowing voters to rank all the candidates for open seats. This will encourage a more diverse set of council candidates, reflecting the range of views in the city, and avoid the situation of having to choose between two excellent candidates (or two unsatisfactory ones) who happen to be competing for the same slot.

How do we go about changing the current system to a more sensible one?

Tony Davis