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Letters to the Editor, May 18

Swamp needs flushing

It's high time Vice President Mike Pence's name, along with those of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the many other Donald Trump sycophants across Congress, the government and elsewhere, be consistently included with media references to Trump's innumerable abuses to the values of our country and Constitution.

Each day seems to reveal a new travesty by the current resident of the Oval Office, to which he seems to think he can invite dignitaries of questionable intent and talk about whatever crosses his shallow mind, including sensitive or even classified information. Those who are paying attention clearly see a deep, polluted well of “deplorables:” those who do, or should, know better and still follow an apostate will for the sake of their wallets.

When Hillary was apparently referring to voters with that derogatory term, it came to haunt her: big mistake. It seems appropriate to change that term to “gullibles,” because that’s what many voters are, or were: clueless to or naive about substance and reality, and easily led down poisoned paths. The looming questions are whether many of these deplorable politicians have the backbone to step up and do the right thing; we’ll see as daily dramas drag on.

Even when DT and his corrupt cronies are, we hope, finally tossed out on their ears, the nation continues to be at risk as long as these obsequious Repubs (e.g., Walden in Oregon, among many others) persist in their lurking around attempting to hang on to their ill-gotten gains as they weasel their way trying to suck up to their basket of gullibles. The proverbial swamp is in dire need of a thorough flushing, the House in need of a cleaning.

Lawrence Nagel