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Letter to the editor: Aug. 1

Deal with the deer

With due respect, Mayor Stromberg and Rep. Marsh have been misled. Urban deer management is possible and has been proven effective.

Many cities in the Midwest and as far east as Connecticut have successfully managed deer populations with skilled bow hunters. Hunters must demonstrate proficiency to make an effective single kill shot, must hunt from an elevated position to avoid straying arrows and must secure permission of property owners. (There is a large deer herd on a property near Quiet Village whose owner would gladly allow a hunt.)

Ottumwa, Iowa, a city of comparable size to Ashland, has had a successful management program since 2005. (www.cityofottumwa.com/departments/police-department/deerhunt) Other larger cities have had similar success. Deer management will require a change of perspective. In the Midwest, deer are regarded as a resource to be harvested for food. Hunters must agree to use the meat or donate it to a food bank.

The deer were not here first. They gravitated to town for easy forage. They are not "cute" nor a "charming" part of our environment. They are dangerous, ravage gardens, pose an attack hazard to people and can attract cougars to town.

It's time to change perspective and take charge of our environment.

Don Stone