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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 27

We still have the vote

Why do you suppose we have an ignorant lout in the White House, while his piratical friends like Tom Price are bamboozling the taxpayers for all they’re worth? And the unelected family members of that same lying oaf have their hands in our government?

Visualize a three-legged stool, the first leg being an awestruck section of the populace who will follow a demagogue anywhere he goes, if only for the entertainment value. The second is an autocratic Russian government threatening our democracy with its interference in our electoral system. The third is the pride of every antiquarian history buff, that totally obsolete Electoral College. Off the subject but still quite apt as part of a description of that corrupt administration is another sense of the word stool (check it out with any caregiver).

The first leg we can’t do much about, except hope for an improvement in public education in some of our states.The second is something that Robert Mueller is going after, and we have a firmer basis for hope in that area. But the last is open and ripe for popular action, namely abolition. This seems to have fallen off the media’s radar, perhaps because it makes for too long and difficult a process. Constitutional amendment, anyone? It would have the virtue of permanence, however, should some future misfit run for the job.

Oh, I almost forgot about our energetic Republican Congress! Add a fourth leg to the stool. For that we still have the vote, depending how effective is the next assault by our Russian well-wishers.

Thomas Gunn