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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 25

A wake-up call

I write to sing some praise for Susanne Severeid’s most recent Mocha Musings piece, “Falling in line is not always the safest response.”

Although I have appreciated her previous articles and feel her courageous and independent thinking is healthy for our community, this one is especially important. It is a timely wake-up call, if not a strong reminder that the alarm is going off.

I admit I also write owing to the timing of her column. I just finished an email response to a student who was concerned about President Trump’s words regarding a soldier’s death in battle. I spoke about how these emotional diversions are keeping us from realizing the life-killing policies being enacted daily and wrote, “I’m also tiring of the rhetorical praise for those serving in the armed forces as being “heroes” who are “fighting to protect America.” In truth these poor young people are either without options or are brainwashed into “falling in line” in spite of illegal/unethical wars in behalf of corporate greed and themselves are largely killing innocent people.

Indeed, “falling in line is not always the safest response” is a tag to remember.

Don Trent Jacobs, co-founder of Veterans for Peace Chapter 100