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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 27, 1917


The Hoover drive campaign is closing with complete success. The efforts of the count committee in calling into service the teaching force of the various districts have been duly rewarded. From its very incipiency the work was taken up by teachers and children with enthusiasm and zeal, everything else being set aside for its promotion, and from day to day, through all the homes in the county, the propaganda spread, and the campaign has now reached a triumphant success.

County Superintendent Ager states that it is difficult to ascertain the standing of the outlying districts, it being of necessity slow work, but that the detailed reports will be given next week. Indications are, however, that about 94 percent of all families for Jackson county are signed up, Jacksonville leading the towns with 98 percent plus—112 out of 114 families. Several schools are claiming 100 percent.

Supt. Hillis reports that 830 families have signed the cards, and that without a doubt the 900 mark would have been reached had there not been a shortage of cards. This lack was especially felt in the Washington school district, where the number of families is the greatest. In spite of this however, six of the rooms of this school made 100 percent records.

In Lincoln school every home except two signed up. Roosevelt school, all but six families responded. The Jackson school district was not so satisfactory, many of the families refusing to sign, although the efforts of teachers and children were as great as in other districts.

On account of the county school institute coming next week, the Jackson County campaign was carried out a week in advance of the official date set by the food administration for the national campaign.