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Popular CBD strains

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is probably the best-selling CBD strain, known primarily for seizure disorders, but also used by people for a variety of aches and pains.

“People come back time and again for it,” says Robert Weinger, owner of Cannabiz Experience in downtown Medford.

Sue Clifton of WeedSmart in Rogue River says she rolls it into joints that go for $12. “People get it for body relaxation, relief from aches and pains, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, migraine, back pain and chemo nausea,” Clifton says.


“If anything can be called a miracle cure, this is it," Weinger says of this low-THC, high CBD strain, which people use for pain, headaches, cramps. “People will come in and buy $2 or $3 worth, to try it out, then come back for a full eighth (of an ounce), because it works. I would say it’s number one for effectiveness.” It's also used as a sleep aid, according to some sources.


AC/DC has a THC:CBD ratio of 1:20, so it produces no high. Used for the usual range of ailments, anxiety, epilepsy, MS, chemo pain.

“It’s very popular,” says Clifton, “because of the low THC.” It costs about $10 a gram and is similar to Charlotte’s Web in how it works. It’s sativa dominant and is a phenotype of Cannatonic, says Leafly.

Franks Gift

Franks Gift is a very high CBD strain — 20 percent. One testimonial on Leafly says, “by far the best CBD strain I have ever tried. As a medical patient, I have tried almost every CBD strain there is.”

Rick Simpson Oil

RSO isn't a strain, it's a concentrated cannabis oil, and it can be made with a variety of strains. It’s reportedly effective for coughs, pain, seizures, PTSD and a range of ailments, but it has a bad taste so it often comes in capsules. Some people inject it into tea, put drops under their tongue or eat it on a cracker. It’s made by many companies and one is not necessarily better than the other. People choose different RSOs based on flavor and milligram sizes. You can also see how to make it on YouTube, says Scott Bearnson of Fireside Dispensary in Medford. The caveat is one you hear a lot: How well it works depends on what you are treating, and you have to research and experiment to find what’s valid for you.

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and even many employees are not educated,” says Weinger.

Other CBD strains

Other CBD strains to get mentions from local dispensaries are Harle-Tsu, Trident, Painkiller, Sour Tsunami, Critical Mass, Harlequin and PennyWise, the latter being having a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

AC/DC is one of the popular CBD strains for sale at Cannabiz Experience in Medford. Photo by Jamie Lusch