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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 15

Amazon is harmful

Regarding the Dec. 13 Tidings editorial, “Shop local this season,” I could not agree more. It is alarming how internet retailing has proliferated and dominated the global retail market. Take Amazon alone. Here is a brief litany of the exponentially growing number of selling sources that Amazon aggressively controls:

This trend is harmful to our communities, our society, our families, and to the core of our grassroots, brick-and-mortar, small, independent businesses all over the country. Share this information with friends and patronize the bedrock of your local, dedicated businesses, not just during the holidays but all year round.

When we spend our money locally it stays in our communities and the benefits spread around to employers, employees, and often to local/regional suppliers. When you send your money with the likes of Amazon it lines the pockets of Jeff Bezos and his corporate cronies who seem to have no conscience about the effects of their deeds.

Frighteningly, Amazon in particular seems to want to sell everything to everyone — not just books any longer. This can be called unbridled greed, even if legal in our capitalistic economy. It’s offensive to many of us to have to see “Amazon” everywhere, now even on the movie screens. It’s not the only company exploiting online shopping and other forms of commerce, but is surely the most aggressive and pervasive.

So, think about it whenever you are tempted to acquire by keyboard. Instead, get “old fashioned” about it. Go out and shop with family and friends in your own town and enjoy the service of friendly staff and the products available right down on Main Street, USA.

Lawrence Nagel