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Letters to the editor: Dec. 22, 2017

Golden for Senate

Jeff Golden is running for state Senate! Alan DeBoer has been a nice caretaker for Dr. Alan Bates’ 3rd District seat, but now we have the opportunity to have a real state senator.

Check Jeff out at his website: www.GoldenforSenate.com — the more you read, the more there is to like about him. His qualifications, his values and his personal style mesh very well with Southern Oregon. He’s Harvard educated, but spent the 1970s growing his own food, managing forest land, building homes and guiding white water rafting trips. He’s served in a variety of local government positions, including as Jackson County commissioner. Jeff has built his own TV show, "Immense Possibilities," into a nationally syndicated program.

Jeff Golden has the knowledge, the skills, the values and the vision to be our next great state senator.

Dot Levy


Quality of life

The quality of life in Ashland is greatly enriched by widespread volunteerism in every aspect of life — think OSF, OLLI, Hospice, Ashland Food Project, Ashland Park and Recreation, Ashland library, classrooms, to name a few. Many volunteers are senior citizens who generously share a lifetime of knowledge, skills and talents. How different would life in Ashland be without the generosity of these volunteers?

Seniors have needs, too, needs that were being met by the Senior Center. APRC seems to have been both ignorant and indifferent to senior citizen needs and how they were being met by the Senior Center.

What was the APRC’s vision or action plan for the Senior Center when they laid off staff? Why hasn’t this vision been shared with the public? How is it possible that the APRC could remove staff without having trained personnel in place to continue their work? Mike Black has had to play catch up, providing training after the fact to APR staff who have been transferred to the Senior Center. Who is doing the work these staff members were doing before being transferred? Representatives of various agencies have been drafted to help meet senior needs, but it is a Band-Aid operation at the Senior Center.

I applaud the APRC’s efforts to address the needs of families in Ashland, but call upon the commission to also remember the needs of our seniors and to become informed about these needs. How can Ashland not provide for the needs of those who have given so much to the quality of our community life?

Ellen Beck