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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 21

Police heroes

Both my wife and our teenage exchange student were affected by the shooter alert that circulated through Ashland High School and Lincoln School last week. This frightening event brought into focus the true meaning of heroism and selfless devotion that are exemplified by our police department as well as countless school members.

We witnessed our devoted police officers rushing to the scene to place themselves between our families and an unknown threat. Gratefully it was a false alarm, however, at the time, none of those officers could have known that, and still they willingly placed their lives at risk to serve and protect our loved ones. My wife saw two officers guarding the doors to Lincoln and a third who was on the playground with the small children already outside gathered around him while he kindly taught them a "new game" while keeping his weapon ready to protect them from any who might consider doing them harm.

I want to encourage all my fellow Ashlanders to take a moment to express our appreciation and affection for those many brave and heroic men and women who are here in our hours of need.

Richard Benson


Thoughts on shooting

Following the massacre of 17 young teenagers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida this past week these thoughts welled up.

In this time of fear, anger, chaos, confusion and righteousness we must focus with determination on peace. Active love and peace, reaching out to our neighbors, community and country with truth and trust to lift the veils of denial and blame of others.

We are all “us” with no one else to thank or blame. Can we truly look at and embrace our own selves?

We must to survive. We must to heal the gaping wounds which now lay open.

Turn anger into action.

Love actively.

Listen actively.

Trust actively.

Practice peace !

Crystal Bosbach


Vote no on recall

I feel compelled to write today because of the slew of falsehood found in the literature I have seen lately coming from the Support Our Seniors recall movement.

It is interesting to note that the people behind this action have gone from a few employees dismissed for doing their job in a way that endangered the city’s liability, to a full-blown political action driven by misinformation, distorted facts and nasty, unwarranted personal attacks.

Is it really what Ashland is about? Ask yourself if you want to be part of what has become a vendetta, absolutely out of proportion with the issue at hand. Our park system is very complex and has been very well managed by honest, reliable individuals who volunteer their time for this mostly thankless task.

Let’s not get manipulated, let’s keep decency in our local politics, let’s vote no on the recall.

Thierry Chouard


Support cap and invest

It’s getting easier to imagine a future with better quality air, water and health as world policies reduce the need for the fossil fuel industry.

People are more aware of the burden fossil-fuel emissions put on their family’s health and the health of ecosystems worldwide.

In consequence, the character of investing is changing. Global investment giants are divesting from oil and gas as not sustainable, and for the last several years investors have been buying more stocks in clean energy than in fossil fuels. Insurer giant AWA will no longer provide insurance coverage to major oil pipeline companies.

The squeeze is on combustion engines also, as 200 European cities are creating low emission zones, and countries, including France, Britain, Norway and India, are phasing out sales of gas and diesel vehicles. China requires 10 percent of new-car sales to be electric by 2019.

U.S. states with cap and invest programs have a nine-year success record cutting greenhouse gas emissions while helping communities do work retraining and weatherize buildings.

Our state is set to pass a cap and invest bill now, called the Clean Energy Jobs Bill.

Speedy public support can make sure it passes this legislative session.

Donald Snyder