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Letters to the Editor, March 10

Something is wrong

Does anyone else find this ironic? The mayor and other supporters defend longevity and public service and openly worry that the three commissioners would be humiliated if the recall is successful.

These same people showed no concern for the five highly ethical, qualified women (all seniors) laid off from the senior center and other seniors whose lives were disrupted by their actions. The women’s many years of service, collective wisdom and compassion for fellow citizens is somehow irrelevant.

Then when a group of concerned citizens demands better performance of their elected officials, they are condemned. Suddenly, six months later, those very elected officials claim the laid-off Senior Center staff were behaving with such insubordination that their termination was justified notwithstanding they had praised their work before. If true, why were they not fired for just cause?

They have flip-flopped and changed their reasons from a $75,000 cost recovery to personnel issues, with Michael Black indicated he needed “new blood”; from praise for the Senior Center to Michael Black stating it was a “threat to the organization" and “we took the route we did to accomplish what we need.” And now the commissioners are spreading false information about the pool issue. The school district never received a proposal from APRC so it was never considered . Something is really wrong.

Marilyn Clark


Vote yes for change

I don’t quite understand how a no vote on the recall ballot will unite Ashland. My neighbor, an Ashland city councilor, proclaims his support by beaming a spotlight on his lawn sign all night long.

If only a spotlight of transparency had been shown on APRC’s motivations before they were allowed to destroy public trust! That might have prevented a few men from asserting their limited agenda to anger and outrage.

Now public scrutiny has uncovered more than a few problems. A spotlight may have instead united Ashlanders in kindness and cooperation for the good of the entire community. Vote yes to unite Ashland for change.

Heidi Gottlieb