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Letters to the Editor, March 16

Not Rogue Disposal

As someone who works to educate the community on the recent changes to recycling, I feel compelled to provide some perspective from the recycling industry regarding a recent article (“Recycling Restrictions”, March 12) that appeared in the newspaper.

My role as a Waste Zero Specialist with Recology Ashland involves recycling and waste reduction education and outreach in the Ashland and Talent communities we serve. While I applaud your efforts in sharing information about recycling changes with the public, in the interest of serving the residents of Ashland and Talent, I feel compelled clarify that the publication of “Recycling Restrictions” regarding a nearby community does not apply to the citizens of Ashland and Talent.

Recycling is our last, best course of action after reducing our consumption and reusing the materials we purchase. With all the recent and coming changes in the recycling industry, it’s more important than ever that we communicate clearly and effectively about what can be recycled.

While it is true that Rogue Disposal has made changes to its policies on what it can accept in recycling containers, it should be noted that Recology, not Rogue Disposal, serves the cities of Ashland and Talent.

Our recycling carts are blue and the city of Ashland and the city of Talent have worked with us so that we can continue accepting the same materials we’ve always accepted in those carts. 

Jamie Rosenthal