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Letters to the Editor, March 20

In praise of ‘Threshold’

As an addendum to Dennis Reed’s wonderful appreciation of Ashland that recently appeared in the Tidings, I would like to make mention of “Threshold.”

Whether I approach the piece on foot or view it briefly from the car on the way through town, “Threshold” sends a frisson of aesthetic pleasure through this old head. I’ve seen art all over the world; this doesn’t make me an expert like Jeffrey Gillespie — still, I haven’t just fallen out the back of a turnip truck, and I appreciate the delicious rhythms of the piece and its excellent scale and placement on the site.

Kudos are due to the committee that oversaw this fine project, and, of course, to the artist.

Bob Wetmore


Shut down Jordan Cove

I recently saw the documentary “Black Snake Killaz,” the story of a militarized police force that turned on the citizens of its country as they demonstrated against a project they deeply and passionately opposed. That project was the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The stage is now set for a similar project to be built in Oregon. The Pacific Connector Pipeline would use eminent domain to steal land from property owners in order to line the pockets of a Canadian corporation to sell fracked natural gas to China and Japan. It would give a green light to more fracking, pulling more fossil fuels up from the earth in the first step to adding billions of tons of greenhouse gases to our already saturated atmosphere.

It is the right — perhaps the obligation — of Oregonians and our neighbors to stand up against the Jordan Cove LNG Project. Gov. Kate Brown and her state agencies have the ability to stop this project, yet she remains silent. If FERC approves the pipeline, Governor Brown and her state agencies failure to shut it down will result in mass protests.

Tell Governor Brown and Oregon’s environmental agencies to shut down the Jordan Cove Project. It is just wrong.

Thank you,

George Lescher