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Letters to the Editor, March 21

Wyden falls short

In a recent letter, Sen. Ron Wyden’s press secretary stated that, with regard to the proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline/Jordan Cove project, the senator will “not put his thumb on the scale” for either side but will make sure “this decision is determined on the merits, not political influence.”

Decision “on the merits” is unlikely. The Trump administration has cited the project among its highest energy priorities and appointed a majority of the FERC members who will decide its fate at the federal level.

I appreciate what Senator Wyden has done to protect Oregon’s natural resources, the now-threatened Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument expansion a prime example.

Perhaps “putting his thumb on the scale” and voting “nay” instead of “present” for confirmation of Interior Secretary Zinke who advocates shrinking the monument would have been advisable.

I’m also puzzled by the statement on his website —“No” on Keystone XL pipeline, Ron stands up for Oregonians.” What is the reasoning in opposing Keystone “for Oregonians” while refusing to take a stance on a similar project in Oregon?

Senator, please review the specifics of the Pacific Connector/Jordan Cove project, communicate with those involved, listen to your constituents, tell us where you stand and take an active leadership role representing us. That’s what we elected you to do and what your constituents, either for or against the project, deserve.

Allen Crutcher