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Letters to the Editor, March 22

BDS fact check

The facts run contrary to the narrative that BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) is a grassroots movement.

It was started as the culmination of a highly organized and Tehran-backed process steeped in anti-Semitism. It is opposed to the right of the world’s only Jewish state to exist in freedom and security. It wants to do to Israel what the Nazis tried to do to the Jewish people: isolate and destroy. Their means: demonize, delegitimize, dehumanize and apply a double standard to the national self-determination of the Jewish people.

Supporters of BDS appeal to the sympathy that decent people have for underdogs and suffering minorities, and say “remember Rachel Corrie.” (I do.) But they don’t care at all about the near-daily stabbings and bombings and murders committed against Jews in Israel and elsewhere, (like, for example, the three Israelis who died in terror attacks over the weekend, including 32-year-old Israeli citizen Adiel Coleman, a married father of four, who was stabbed to death this past Sunday night.)

Rick Kirschner