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Letters to the Editor, March 23

Support student rally

On Saturday, March 24, between 11 and noon, a simple spontaneous gathering of all ages will meet on the Ashland Plaza to coincide with the students marching in Washington, D.C. in response to the mass shootings.

Similar gatherings will be held throughout the nation. Enough is enough, please demonstrate support for these energized politically mindful young people. A march in Medford will take place simultaneously.

Marilyn Briggs


Sports categories

More than 50 years ago, I played and coached girls’ basketball when six players, limited to offensive and defensive positions, could dribble only three times and played only in the afternoon. Boys’ games were reported on the front page of the local paper; girls’ games were seldom mentioned.

I have watched with pleasure as the sport has evolved into a game for female athletes who are as exciting to watch as men, thanks in large part to Title IX. It has been a particular thrill to see the recent excellence of the incredible women playing basketball at both OU and OSU.

In that light, I write today to strongly urge you to eliminate the last vestiges of the (no doubt unthinking) sexism of your categories for sports articles. You consistently use two phrases: “College Basketball” for stories about men’s teams and “Women’s Basketball” for the others, who I would point out are also playing “College Basketball.” (You are making the same error when you use “NCAA” and “NCAA-Women”.)

I had hoped we were far past the days when women were patronizingly informed that “man” meant “people” and history books talked about “the pioneers and their wives.” I cannot think of a better time to right this wrong than right now when the women from both OU and OSU are heading to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen and the men are not.

Susan Stitham