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Letters to the editor: April 2

Scientific politics?

Renowned scientist Carl Sagan was famous for arguing: “Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge”. He also noted that Americans were losing their ability to think critically and were sinking back into superstition and darkness. He felt that our media were the prime reason for this dumbing down.

I agree … and it has gotten worse as soundbites and media punditry have proliferated while nuanced thought and critical thinking seem to be going the way of the dodo bird.

Thus, it is refreshing to learn that we have a great opportunity in our little corner of the world to hear political wannabes actually talk about science and discuss the environmental challenges that we face now and in the future. Will they have innovative ideas or will they wallow in the past? Can we elect a politician who thinks like a scientist? Maybe the time has come.

The upcoming all-party forum on ‘Environmental Challenges’ for candidates running for state Senate District 3 is organized by Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN), and is co-sponsored by 11 other local non-profits. Join us in the Medford Public Library on Wednesday, April 11, at 7 p.m.

Lee Lull


Walden’s replacement

Jamie McLeod-Skinner is the clear standout in the race to choose Greg Walden’s replacement for District 2 representative. Jamie will represent the people of Oregon rather than the wealthy corporate interests that own Walden’s votes.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner has deep roots in both sides of District 2. Her family and school background is here and her professional and governmental experience show she has what it takes to represent us. Walden has become the chief water carrier for Trump and he was the only Oregon representative to support a tax plan that hurts Oregonians and a health plan that puts our health care at risk.

Vote Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Democrat, on May 15 and send Greg home for good on Nov. 6.

Larry Cooper


What we don’t need

Now that the dust has settled over the Senior Center (has it?), I have just a few comments to make.

We don’t need a mission statement, we don’t need a marketing plan and we don’t need a rocket scientist to run the Senior Center.

Sharon Spaulding