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Letters to the Editor, May 2


Herb Rothschild’s endorsement of my campaign for State Senate in his April 28 column had one error. He wrote, “The state AFL-CIO ... told Jeff Golden that it wouldn’t consider endorsing him if he didn’t agree to take its money, which he on principle refused.”

I actually never heard that from anyone at the AFL-CIO. What happened was that someone central to the state Democratic establishment got in touch months ago to urge me to reconsider my pledge to decline all lobbyist PAC money. When I said I was holding fast to that decision, this person warned me it would almost certainly send the endorsements to another candidate.

I naturally appreciated the column anyway, but want the record straight.

Jeff Golden


Endorsement confusing

We are fortunate to have candidate forums for our upcoming elections. Thursday’s panel of four candidates for Alan DeBoer’s District 3 Senate seat was the perfect opportunity to learn how effective the candidates are.

Sometimes voters get confusing or misleading information in voters’ pamphlets, and this is the best way to verify for ourselves. I was puzzled by the Sierra Club endorsement of one candidate when I knew Jeff Golden was the most experienced and effective choice for the environment. I called the Portland Sierra Club office to find out how they had made this mistake. They apologized for being short-staffed and for not tracking down a response from Jeff, who had been traveling outside the country when they sent their survey.

I believe it diminishes the value of their endorsement, selecting the weakest candidate based on insufficient information. I hope voters pay attention instead to Jeff’s excellent record.

Bonnie Johnson


Golden cares

I am a low-income person trying to live in Ashland, which isn’t easy. I clean houses, watch dogs, cats, and plants and try to get by. But I know part of the problem is political and that’s why I’m voting for Jeff Golden for State Senate.

I’ve heard Jeff on the radio and watched him on TV over the years and know his heart is in the right place. He cares about ordinary people like me and wants to see everybody be able to get health care and a decent place to live.

There are a lot of other political people who think it’s just fine to give $200 citations to people who park in the shade for too long or sometimes end up sleeping in their cars. I hope Jeff Golden wins so he can use his experience and knowledge to help improve the lives of many people like me.

Jeanette Carpenter


McLeod-Skinner stands out

In the race to unseat Rep. Greg Walden, Jamie McLeod-Skinner stands out in four areas:

1.Education: Law degree from University of Oregon, focusing on natural resources and water law for eight years, BS in civil engineering and in regional planning , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

2. Prior government experience: City councilor, Santa Clara, California; City manager, Phoenix, Oregon. Non-government experience: water professional with U.S.Army Corps of Engineers in Klamath, on water rights.

3. District-wide knowledge: Jamie has deep roots throughout our whole district, and is well informed of local issues facing our huge district.

4. Gender: Women tend to be more compassionate than most men, and bring a more inclusive perspective to the table. Currently, women make up only 20 percent of Congress. Jamie will build trust and respect between disparate viewpoints.

For these reasons, and many others already expressed, please join me in sending Jamie McLeod-Skinner to Congress.

Carola Lacy


The strongest candidate

Jamie Mcleod-Skinner for U.S. House of Representatives: How would you come to vote for her?


u She is the strongest candidate running for this office.

u She has dedicated her career to public service with a very successful record.

u She knows what is going on and knows how to find solutions that serve the culture of the USA, and not special interests.

Gary Woodring


Moved by McLeod-Skinner

Of all the Democratic candidates running in the primary for U.S. Congress from District 2, I’ve been especially moved by Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

She’s the only candidate who has held an elected office; earned degrees in engineering, environmental management and law, especially focused on water systems and rights, been both a city councilor and city manager, chose to go to war-torn Kosovo to help reestablish drinking water for citizens; and spent significant time in each of the 20 counties in District 2 listening to Oregonians (Democrats and Republicans) and hearing their needs. Jamie is bright, articulate, experienced, and capable. Her thinking is thorough; her responses are succinct.

Jamie’s extensive background of collaborating and standing up for justice, along with family ties to all parts of District 2, makes her uniquely suited to represent all of us Southern, Central and Eastern Oregonians in the U.S. Congress.

Bob Morse


Golden the best choice

There is something to like about each of the four Democratic primary candidates, but in my view, Jeff Golden is our best choice for state senator. Jeff has stood in the midst of many a contentious situation with respect and reason towards all involved. He never draws attention to himself but serves the topic and cause. He has exemplified public service for decades locally. He would be a good, well-rounded state senator for our greater Rogue Valley.

Jeff Golden would wisely serve all of its inhabitants, Democratic, Republican and others, whether they’re political types or not. Unlike well-funded other candidates, he won’t take special interest or corporate donations. Unlike the fakery and trickery besetting much of our country, we Oregonians are lucky to have quality representatives in Oregon — like Jeff Golden would also be. We could rely on Jeff to be our intelligent, caring, capable voice in Salem. Vote Golden.

Byron Bradley Carrier