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Letters to the Editor, May 7

Byrne or Burnette

We in Ashland need to pull our heads out of our ideological bubble and look at the candidates most likely to defeat Greg Walden.

In the last few elections Walden beat:

Crary, 72 percent to 28 percent,

Christofferson , 70-26.


Jamie McLeod-Skinner and James Crary. Terrific candidates, both — but will not appeal to the rest of the district.

I’ve been to the forums and the candidates all agree on the same things. It really comes down to who can win.

The two candidates most likely to get Independent, non-affiliated and Republican crossover votes are Michael Byrne and Eric Burnette. These two working-class men will appeal to the disgruntled Republicans who are sick of Walden and his “RNC Swamp” ties.

I urge Ashland Democrats to put aside identity politics, look at the big picture, and vote for the candidate who has the best chance of defeating Greg Walden.

Bob Rawlings


That Pankhurst play

It has been almost a week since I saw the play “Pankhurst: Freedom or Death” at the Ashland Community Center, and I’m still pondering the disturbing reality it unfolds.

As a leader of the English suffragettes, Emmeline Pankhurst resisted the repressive government she was barred by law from electing. To win the right to vote, she and her army of women literally put their lives on the line as the police belittled, battered, arrested and force-fed them, often fatally, under orders from members of Parliament. Jeannine Grizzard, Artistic Director of Ashland Contemporary Theatre, has transformed the mind-boggling facts of Pankhurst’s story into a riveting, textured play. Her magnetic performance as Pankhurst infused history with a life that resonates eerily with the mind-boggling facts of our political scene today.

Molly Best Tinsley