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Letters to the Editor, May 10

Remember lynchings

Chris Honore’s column about lynchings, inspired by the opening of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, is a good reminder of the horror of lynchings and the failure of our society to fully come to terms with this history. But I would hope to expand the focus beyond the lynchings of black men and women.

According to www.famous-trials.com, with data provided by the Tuskeegee Institute, there were 4,743 lynchings between 1882 and 1968, and 1,297 of these were of non-blacks. (The overall numbers are lower than the Equal Justice Institute, because they went out and did more research to discover cases previously not compiled.) Lynching in the South was primarily of black victims, and non-black victims often were “”punished” for defending or associating with black people. But lynchings elsewhere were often of non-blacks — whites, Hispanics, Asians — who fell afoul of vigilante justice.

Lynching needs to be understood and condemned in two contexts: as part of a continuum of actions to exclude and harm African-Americans (a history in which our state of Oregon plays a prominent part as the only state to have explicitly excluded blacks from living here in its consititution), and as part of an attack on the notions of fair justice, in which people, primarily but not exclusively black, were killed or violently attacked by mob justice, outside of or even in direct defiance of the norms and processes of the justice system. On both counts, we must never forget.

Mary Coombs


Golden gets my vote

Trump said, “when you give money, they do whatever the hell you want …” Does this sit well with you? Do you think “following the money” reveals who influences our politicians? Is it right that money controls them? If it is your group, does it seem fine to have as much influence as possible? To many candidates it’s clearly all about the money.

Meanwhile, candidate for Oregon Senate District 3 Jeff Golden is taking no PAC money.

Jeff has lived in the Rogue Valley for years, participated in the community as a builder, guide, author, parent, innovator, and commissioner. Golden steps up to the plate and accepts responsibility.

I watched Jeff at a candidate forum. Jeff does his homework and will speak to and represent Southern Oregonians on our issues, including health care, income equity, climate change and the Jordan Cove proposal.

Don’t forget to vote; Jeff Golden gets mine!

Louise D Shawkat


Vote for me

I’m Kevin Stine, and I’m asking for your vote for state Senate. Being on the Medford City Council and working at ACCESS, where I helped house homeless veterans, brought me great interest in working to solve the housing crisis.

Medford is making strides, but when every city of size in Oregon is in a housing crisis, there’s a clear problem within our statewide zoning, codes and goals. This must be priority number one.

I’m not a person that will ever just back down and vote party-line. I’m bold in my viewpoints, and don’t campaign on rhetoric, but on ideas. I’m just as willing to talk with conservative radio host Bill Meyer as I am to talk on JPR or KSKQ. Southern Oregon needs a fighter in Salem, to get us a voice through the clutter. I’m asking to be that person. Vote Kevin Stine.

Kevin Stine


Stop funding fossil fuels

I applaud those climate change activists, as profiled in the Tidings on May 9, who are educating the public about how Chase Bank and other financial institutions are profiting from climate change by investing in the fossil fuels industry. But we also must be aware that we are personally financing this same industry every time we pay our Avista bill or pull up to the gasoline pump.

Electric power generation in our region is relatively high in renewables and improving steadily. So if you want to cut back your support of the global fossil fuels cartel, change your home heating from gas to heat pump, with ductless or geothermal being the best. Replace your gas water heating with rooftop solar. And you can reduce or eliminate your dependence on “big oil” for transportation with a plug-in car. For advice and local options on the latter, you can download the free “Rogue Valley Green Car Guide” at www.socan.eco/travel.

Bruce Borgerson


Golden is in tune

I’m voting for Jeff Golden for state senator from District 3. Jeff is honest, experienced, sincere, and is in tune with our time. He speaks his messages with eloquence and clarity, just what we need from our elected officials.

His election will help return us to progressive legislative solutions that this time so clearly demands. Jeff will work to improve the sagging Oregon public educational status, kick-start our national role in climate mitigation necessary for our planet and crucial to the next generation of Oregon businesses and help return Oregon to a once proud “green status” that tourists just love. Tourism and a respectable public educational system bring jobs and new clean industries to the state, provide the educated people to build houses, take care of our autos, renewable energy and emerging electronic needs, and provide the person power to see to our medical requirements.

Dr. Ray Seidler