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Letters to the Editor, May 11

Trumped by Trump

Republicanism has been trumped by this president.

Once the party of Lincoln, conservationist Teddy Roosevelt and fiscal conservatism, the GOP is now the Trumpist Party. It supports and enables lies, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, suppression of-science, ignorance, incompetence, and corruption. Columnists, pundits, and politicians who defend and enable this president or campaign under his banner are as culpable as is he.

Amazingly, decent people seem to think they can run as Republicans but evade the Trump banner. Even in Oregon, this just isn’t so. In Southern Oregon, we have three otherwise sane and reputable Republican women who seem not to realize that campaigning as Republicans means they serve, enable,and defend this president who has complete contempt for women. Senate District 3 Republican Jessica Gomez, House District 5 Republican Sandra Abercrombie and House District 6 Republican Kim Wallan all have some explaining to do.

This president trumps ‘the year of the woman.’

Trisha Vigil


Jamie for Congress

In response to a previous letter about the firing of Jamie McLeod-Skinner by the City of Phoenix, let’s look at the facts. Jamie was hired by an organization with chronic leadership and financial mismanagement issues, and she was fired for addressing those issues. She stood up for what was right, even when she knew it could cost her job.

That’s what integrity is all about. Jamie’s work in Phoenix was consistent with her reputation of being socially progressive, fiscally responsible and having an absolute commitment to ethics. That’s the kind of representative we need in Congress. Please join me, Phoenix Council Member Stuart Warren, and numerous other elected officials in endorsing Jamie for Congress.

Gretchen Thiel


We should choose

We have an important state Senate primary vote to consider. I’m concerned by all I’m seeing in the paper and online about upstate political players trying to decide it for us: the coordination of political action committee endorsements for one candidate because another refuses to take PAC money, the vague stories about supposed “data breaches” that aren’t explained, anything to distract from the candidates’ qualifications and judgments on the issues.

I’ve watched Jeff Golden on “Immense Possibilities.” I love the people and topics he brings to our awareness, and appreciate his nuanced understanding of complex issues.

The Portland/Salem political players should keep out of this and let those of us who live here pick the candidate we want to represent us in the state Senate.

Victor Chieco