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Shibley is Grizzlies' lone first-team MWL pick

Walker Shibley was Ashland’s lone first-team representative, the Grizzlies had a host of second-team picks and Crater and Springfield split the major awards as the Midwestern League all-star team football team was announced recently.

Shibley, a senior receiver and punter, picked up enough votes to lock up first-team status for both positions. Ashland also had four second-team selections on offense, five second-team selections on defense and a second-team pick on special teams. Many of Ashland’s all-stars were recognized for their work at multiple positions — Shibley, also a defensive back, was also a second-team pick on defense, while Shashi Penn (receiver/defensive back), Michael Pruitt (tight end/defensive lineman) and Kyle Weinberg (quarterback/kicker) were second-team all-stars on both offense and defense or special teams.

Crater running back and linebacker Cavin Gillispie was named the league Most Valuable Player, Springfield senior quarterback Trever Watson was named the MWL Offensive Player of the Year and Springfield junior Nicolas Ah Sam was named its Defensive Player of the Year.

Crater’s John Beck was voted the Coach of the Year.

Also for Ashland, lineman Collin McGuire was a second-team selection on offense, and linebackers Chance Swenson and Karter Cox were second-team picks on defense.

The Grizzlies travel to Eugene today to face MWL rival Springfield in the OSAA Class 5A state quarterfinals.



Trever Watson, QB, Springfield; Matt Struck, QB, Crater; Cavin Gillispie, RB, Crater; Daniel Wilson, RB, Springfield; Nic Ah Sam, TE, Springfield; Austin Kramer, WR, Crater; Dustin Jones, WR, Marist; Braydon Haas, WR, Springfield; Walker Shibley, WR, Ashland; Garret Dey, WR, Crater; Gabe Mitchell, T/G, Springfield; Daniel Butler, T/G, Crater; Marcus Carter, T/G, Crater; Taylor Lawler, T/G, Eagle Point; Wynn Nevin, C, Eagle Point; Jason Santoni, K, Crater.


JT Gill, DL, Crater, John Ale, DL, Crater, Jake Schultz, DL, Marist, Todd Bourassa, DL, Springfield; Nic Ah Sam, LB, Springfield; Tommy Winningham, LB, Crater; Cavin Gillispie, LB, Crater; Jesse Merritt, LB, Crater; Austin Kramer, DB, Crater; Daniel Wilson, DB, Springfield; Trae Gould, DB, Marist; Junior Perez, DB, Churchill; Walker Shibley, P, Ashland.

Most valuable player — Cavin Gillispie, Crater.

Offensive player of the year — Trever Watson, Springfield.

Defensive player of the year — Nicolas Ah Sam, Springfield.

Coach of the year — John Beck, Crater.


Michael Pruitt, TE, Ashland; Sam Jackson, RB, Churchill; Jordan Castro, RB, Eagle Point; Kyle Weinberg, QB, Ashland; Shashi Penn, WR, Ashland; Jake Ireland, WR, Crater; Junior Perez, WR, Churchill; Will Hutson, T/G, Crater; Jordan Henderson, T/G, Springfield; Todd Bourassa, T/G, Springfield; Collin McGuire, T/G, Ashland; Baraka Mmari, C, Churchill; Kyle Weinberg, K, Ashland.


Kody Young, DL, Crater; Cedric Rios, DL, Crater; Michael Pruitt, DL, Ashland; Haley Fox, DL, Churchill; Shay Hall, DB, Crater; Walker Shibley, DB, Ashland; Pablo Ramirez, DB, Eagle Point; Shashi Penn, DB, Ashland; Chance Swenson, LB, Ashland; Cody Coker, LB, Churchill; Karter Cox, LB, Ashland; Monquell Glasow, LB, Marist; Matt Struck, P, Crater.


Tucker Atteberry, QB, Ashland; Mason Dow, RB, Ashland; Jacoby Jackson, WR, Eagle Point; James Hutchings, WR, Ashland; Spencer Cyr, WR, Crater; Nicky Weinberg, WR, Ashland; Game Sorber, WR, Springfield; Blayne Burnett, T/G, Churchill; Haley Fox, T/G, Churchill; Leonard Hunter, T/G, Eagle Point; Jason Higgison, T/G, Eagle Point; Cade Wolford, T/G, Springfield; Sean Bartlett, C, Crater; Nick Sanderson, C, Ashland; Ryan Pollard, C, Springfield; Davonte Ellis, TE, Churchill; Austin Robbins, TE, Marist; Mason Dow, RB, Ashland; Damon Squire, K, Springfield; Shashi Penn, R, Ashland.


Bryan Cortes, DL, Springfield; Mario Quintero, DL, Eagle Point; Collin McQuire, DL, Ashland; Blayne Burnett, DL, Churchill; Bryson Campbell, DL, Crater; Taylor Lawler, DL, Eagle Point; Levi Kinkade, DL, Springfield; Bryan O’Neil, LB, Eagle Point; Austin Robbins, LB, Marist; Tevin Dunlop, LB, Churchill; Josh Saenz, LB, Eagle Point; Justin Robinson, LB, Ashland; Isaac Gillard, LB, Springfield; Josiah Taylor, DB, Churchill; Nicky Weinberg, DB, Ashland; Trever Watson, DB, Springfield; Shaine Lukkes, DB, Crater; Joe Blansett, DB, Marist; Coldin Shopp, DB, Eagle Point; Tucker Atteberry, DB, Ashland; Junior Perez, P, Churchill; Drew Lara, P, Marist.