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Local cookies make good

Diana Butts holds two of her favorite Halloween cookie cutters -- Frankenstein'smonster and Count Dracula.

Family Circle cover features women's Halloween recipes

Southern Oregon shoppers flipping through magazines in the supermarketcheckout line will get a sweet surprise this month.

The glossy cover of Family Circle, one of the nation's most widely circulatedmagazines, features a harvest of fall cookies, all made by two local women.

Diana Butts of Medford and Joy Denison of Williams scored a coup whenthe magazine agreed to use their elaborate cookies -- decorated like fallfoliage and Halloween figures -- in the Oct. 7 issue.

Family Circle has an estimated national circulation of five million,but the actual number of readers may be five times that, says Butts.

Editors became interested in the women's cookies when Butts sent a basketof the sweets to promote her latest book, Sugarbaker's Cookie CutterCookbook. Set for a Nov. — issue, the cookbook is the fourth for Butts,an award-winning author.

Magazine representatives loved the cookies and commissioned a batch.Butts and Denison -- owner of Joy of Cookies, a decorated cookie business-- completed them for a February photo shoot.

The accompanying article features how-tos for creating elaborate designson a sugar cookie base.

What's more, the magazine purchased first serial rights to Butts' book,and joined with her in a cookie cutter offer that has brought 8,000 ordersalready.

That's 48,000 cookie cutters -- 8,000 sets and there's six in aset, Butts says.

The magazine article focuses on the premise of Butts' book: that cookiescan be beautiful.

It's not there's anything we do that sets it apart, she says.It's that this is the first book ever on the market. It says, `Here'sa cookie cutter, cut it out, here's what to do with it.

Since collaborating with Family Circle, Butts has focused on promotingher book, while Denison has turned her attention to the retail cookie trade.

To learn more about cookies like those in the magazine, local readerscan take a look at Denison's Web site:

Or, call her at 1-800-484-9564, extension 6890.

Butts' previous books have included Bread in Half the Time,which won the International Association of Culinary Professionals annualaward for cookbook of the year.

Denison's sweets have been sold at Nordstrom's, New York New York, thenew Las Vegas casino, and the Andy Williams Museum in Branson, Mo., amongother sites.

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Local cookies make good