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City imposed several restrictions on Manor plan

Rogue — Valley Manor officials said Friday it's too early to say how they'll respond to — restrictions placed on their development plans by the Medford Planning Commission.

Vicki Mattson, the Manor's public relations director, said architects are reviewing the — plans to make sure everything still fits.

We're trying to make everything work, Mattson said.

The Manor has the option of appealing the decision to the City Council.

The Manor released plans in May for a planned-unit development, an approach that's — supposed to allow for creativity in land-use planning.

The proposal calls for a mixed development of housing, commercial buildings and medical — facilities, including an Alzheimer's units.

Some of the major restrictions imposed by the planning commission: — Honor Drive will remain closed and not open to traffic and Misty Lane and Argonne Way — will remain gated. City planners had suggested that those streets could be opened up — sometime in the future to relieve traffic leaving the Manor. — — — — The Alzheimer's unit and other medical facilities must be built at least 99 feet away — from the property of neighboring homes. — — — — — The Manor must build a 7-foot wall and landscape between the homes and the medical — facilities. — — — — — All medical facilities including the Alzheimer's unit can be no more than one-story — tall. — — — — — All commercial development is to be built at least 50 feet away from Larson and Bear — creeks.