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Man receives license to practice micropigmentation

Jeffrey Jon Kosta has regained his license to apply permanent cosmetics a month after he lost it.

Oregon's Health Licensing Office revoked his license in August after investigators learned his application hadn't been endorsed by a recognized trainer within the state.

He had furnished the signature of a trainer from Arizona, where he'd studied micropigmentation.

He applies permanent cosmetics, such as eyeliner and blush, using a technique he calls micropigmentation. He applies pigment to the skin with a hand-held wand instead of a tattoo coil machine, or tattoo gun.

It wasn't easy to find somebody who could sign his application, he said.

Finding a trainer was a real pain, he said. While the state was telling the paper they'd do whatever they could to help me out, they were telling me I was out of luck.

Kosta said he finally located Bob Klem, a high school art teacher in Klamath Falls who has been doing tattoos for many years and is familiar with Kosta's technique.

He became a trainer just to sign me off, Kosta said. After that, he told the state he doesn't want to be a trainer any more.

Kosta contends trainers in the state are reluctant to certify potential competitors.

Trainers are causing roadblocks, he said. This has been a nightmare from the very beginning.

Kosta, who works under the name Jeffrey Jon, now operates at Secrets Tanning Salon, 820 Crater Lake Ave., Suite 211, weekdays from 10 a.m. until whenever.