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Mocketwear may not be a store for the faint of heart. Rather, it's a place for people with a strong -- if not warped -- sense of humor.

A new store in the Rogue Valley Mall, Mocketwear specializes in original clothing and silkscreen designs, most of which poke fun at trademark name brands.

Lots of fun.

People walk by and they always stop at the window, says Lynn Mock, who co-owns the store with her husband, Walker. They're not too sure what to make of it.

All the merchandise sold in Mocketwear is original, and the Mocks print the clothing themselves in a small room just behind the store. Hats, shirts, aprons, pants, skirts and greeting cards all bear their own unique labels.

Hats expand on the traditional Calvin Klein logo -- cK - to spell out slacKer. Tommie Jeans become Commie Jeans. And an apron takes Starbucks to a new level -- Starsucks.

The logos appear so similar to their more widely known namesakes that it takes more than just a quick glance to notice a difference.

A lot of people are enjoying the fact that they can take a poke at their kids' styles, Walker says. If you can't laugh at yourself, what can you do?

The new store is the Mocks' first endeavor with a retail shop, though they've worked on commercial screenprinting in the past. They've had designs in the works for some time, but this is their first chance to market them.

We knew if we wanted to get our designs out, we'd have to do it ourselves, Lynn says.

The Mocks aren't stopping with a store -- they plan to put out a catalog soon, full of spoofs and jokes that are still in the works.

It all started as a hobby for Walker, who did some graphics work on the side before deciding, along with Lynn, to try out a business.

We had so much work backed up that we decided to jump in full time, Lynn says.

And they did. Mocketwear opened five weeks ago, and after a slow start Walker says business is good, thanks to Christmas right around the bend.

Many of their customers are office workers looking for a good gag gift. Others see a shirt or hat and realize it's the perfect joke for someone's twisted sense of humor.

The Mocks don't have any specific age group in mind for their product. Their target is whoever appreciates a good joke. And at the very least, the shirts hanging on display can usually get a grin out of most people, Walker says.

It's nice to go somewhere where you can find something different, he says.

The Mocks buy all their fabric and design the graphics and logos. They also produce all the clothing themselves, which Walker says ensures good quality.

While all the merchandise is original and can't be found anywhere else, the Mocks don't produce individually unique shirts to fit people's needs -- it's just not cost-effective, they say. While the printing doesn't take very long, setting up the complicated silkscreening process does, and Walker says it would be too costly to take the time to alter the setup for individual orders.

Even so, Mocketwear's gear is guaranteed original, and Walker just wants people to get a kick out of what he has to offer.

Says Walker, The biggest thing for me is, if you can make nine out of 10 people who walk by your store laugh or smile, then you've done your job.

Walker and Lynn Mock own and operate Mocketware, a new T-shirt shop in the Rogue Valley Mall. They specialize in humorous logos and designs on clothing. - Photo by Jim Craven