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Open Door starts pair of products

Fresh off a new agreement with Apple Computer, Ashland's Open Door Networks launched a pair of Macintosh software products this week to take advantage of the deal.

Earlier this month, Apple announced that it was including Open Door's ShareWay IP, which allows Mac users to share files easily over the Internet, in its new Mac OS 9 operating system. The operating system began shipping this week with Apple's newest line of iMac computers.

To coincide with the shipping, Open Door unveiled two new products designed to enhance the security features of ShareWay IP and the operating system.

Open Door is proud to have helped Mac OS 9 raise the bar as far as built-in Internet features, Open Door president Alan Oppenheimer said. Users are rightly wondering, however, whether such increased features bring increased security risks. With our new products, we directly address these concerns.

The first, ShareWay IP 3.0, is an upgrade to the version included with the new Macs. It provides more security measures for users who are sharing files over the Internet. It is already available over the company's Web site,

The second product is called DoorStop Personal Edition. It is a simplified version of the firewall software the company has developed for servers -- the computers that are used to feed information to Internet sites. A firewall is a program that prevents unauthorized access to information. DoorStop Personal Edition is expected to be available next month.

When the deal with Apple was announced, Oppenheimer said the real financial opportunity wasn't the mere inclusion of the ShareWay program with the operating system but the chance to sell other products -- like the ShareWay upgrade and DoorStop.

Oppenheimer, who worked for Apple for 11 years, founded Open Door Networks in 1995.